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Care For Your Liver

liver_illustrationMost of us put our principle organs to unusual and abnormal tests. Heart, liver and kidneys are most affected. These three organs especially work continuously to keep us in fair good health. In spite of so many occasional blunders by us, the inbuilt repair system of these organs keeps us healthy and active. If excesses on our part become persistent and regular, it becomes necessary for these organs to put us to bed for undergoing a refresher course of cares, regards and precautions. In some cases one or more of these organs get over annoyed by our undisciplined way of eating and living and straight away recommend below the surface abode for us.

Here we take the case of liver only. It is the largest organ in human body and weighs about 3 pounds. It remains busy in doing hundreds of jobs for human body. It is terrific self-repairer. You take away 80% of it during surgery or donation for transplant, it will complete its size within a few months. Human being damages it by many irregularities but it keeps managing his survival.

Among hundreds of jobs that it performs for a person, a few deserve special mention here:-

  1. It transforms sugar into glucose and excessive glucose into glycogen.
  2. It dissolves harming effects of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
  3. It provides fuel for muscles and helps digestion.
  4. It produces enzymes for internal chemical processing and manufacturing of vitamins.
  5. It manufactures clot factors.
  6. It produces anti bodies for combating infections and diseases.
  7. It works for replacement of expired red blood cells with new ones.
  8. It transforms amino acids over to protein.
  9. It converts harmful lactic acid into glycogen.

Liver serves alarms. Jaundice, yellowing of skin, is not disease but it sure is an alarm that something is wrong with liver. It alerts that some disease is destroying red blood cells faster than usual. Undue fatigue, loss of appetite and feeling of weakness are instructions for consulting the physician.

Here are some points towards precautions for welfare of the liver:-

  1. Intake of excessive fats obstructs routine functioning of the liver.
  2. Failure in avoiding excessive fats results in shrinking and hardening of liver. The defect are called Cirrhosis which may also be caused by arsenic poisoning and alcohol with diet low in protein and vitamins.
  3. In addition to prescribed medicine, nutritious diet rich in protein and vitamins can help in curing Cirrhosis. The treatment suggests zero intake of alcohol.
  4. Body weight must always be kept under control with respect to age and height.
  5. Natural resources of B Vitamins must be part of daily diet.
  6. In case of irresistible tendency, alcohol intake must be in very low quantities.

Surgeon Arundar Singh Soin of India has been blessed with worldwide fame in successful treatment, surgery and transplant of liver related complications. The surgeon is chairman of Liver Transplant Center, Gurgaon (Punjab – India). Surgeon’s detailed interview during his latest visit to Pakistan has been published in Sunday magazine of Daily ‘Nawa-e-Waqt’, May 04, 2014. Everybody may go through the contents of this interview for information and help to all. Appointment with the surgeon is possible in India.

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