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MSG ffood addictives

Food Additives: Danger to our Health

You open a packet of potato crisps or some crunch, Salty corn snacks thinking you are just going to eat one but moments later, your fingers are scraping the bottom of the bag.  All gone, leaving you wanting more but… guilty? But wait, it is not your fault. The culprit is MSG or Ajinomoto –– […]

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Genetically Modified Crops: The Golden Rice

Genetically modified organisms GMO are becoming a part of our lives as regular. It is definitely a good thing as long as it doesn’t affect our lives negatively or change us into something else. GMO related research in the field of pharmaceutical is not a new thing, it is in practice from decades and it […]

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General Health Precautions

General Health Precautions

Following health tips collected from various sources and various modes of research in maintaining human physical and mental health, are recorded hereunder. Any health precaution doubtful for a particular individual maybe ignored and not followed. In general, these tips guarantee a long healthy and happy life which becomes source of incentive for many others. A […]

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Care For Your Liver

Care For Your Liver

Most of us put our principle organs to unusual and abnormal tests. Heart, liver and kidneys are most affected. These three organs especially work continuously to keep us in fair good health. In spite of so many occasional blunders by us, the inbuilt repair system of these organs keeps us healthy and active. If excesses […]

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Healthy Nails

Health Clues at Finger Tips

Some of the best clues to the state of the health could be at your fingertips. Nails are such a good indicators of possible illness that doctors are recommended to examine them as routinely, as checking blood pressure. Nails, just like hairs, are non essential organs, so are one of the first places the bloody […]

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Of Mind and Maturity

Of Mind and Maturity

Special for affected individuals of un-retaliated colonial rule Getting impressed by an individual carries one of the two notions:- I. Token of appreciation for individuals’ qualities. II. Sense of inferiority on the part of impressed person. Persons putting in specific efforts, aiming at impressing others to be a wonderful figure for them, by their luxurious […]

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Tips for Perfectly Healthy Active Life

Tips for Perfectly Healthy Active Life

It is catastrophic to see one of the healthiest people on earth surviving on the mercy of pills and injections, urban and rural areas evenly affected. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart troubles, kidney’s mal functioning’s and liver disorders, are talk of the day. This state of health hazards engulfs children and adults of all ages. Horrible […]

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