Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Real Estate Developers are Devouring the Fertile Land of Pakistan

Concrete Terrorism Nobody Paying Attention Towards We are an agriculture-based country and our country’s majority population lives in villages. Majority of the people living in Pakistan are uneducated people and are unable to get a job that will earn them a decent living to support their families. By not being able to utilize this large […]

Chand Raat Shoppping

Chand Raat Complications

Too much of everything is bad. It is an old saying. In modern advanced era it may be amended as: Too much of everything is uncivil. What does that peculiar shopping during last week of Holy month of Ramazan, mean? It is no more than desperate effort to look superior among people of even financial […]

Genesis – Grey Matter – Ammunition

Genesis – Grey Matter – Ammunition

Partial remarks / comments / blames are universally rejected whatsoever be the topic. Current news and statements from all over the country make no mention of the track of emerging TTP for extremes of extremism. Retrace only a few years back and analyse the entire process of Sawat Operation. After that count the number of […]

Confine Your Operations to Afghanistan, Islamabad Tells Washington

Confine Your Operations to Afghanistan, Islamabad Tells Washington

  Fears have been expressed for a long time that successful resistance by the Pashtun Taliban against American occupation of Afghanistan and the imminent defeat of the “International Security Assistance Force” (ISAF which amounts to NATO led by the U.S.)  would force Pentagon to broaden the theatre of war into Pakistan citing the presence of […]