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Dr. Tahir ul Qadri and Inqlab

Tahir ul Qadri

Tahir ul Qadri

Partiality devoid of justice and sincerity is evil causing multidirectional problems for mankind and generations to come. As sacred a relationship as mother does not deserve it. If you are a judge and a factual criminal case against your mother awaits verdict, the punishment must be declared without an iota of hesitation.

Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is not at all wrong in demanding practicable and workable changes in the governance system of Pakistan which has been gradually downing in respect of every single institution. Previous disintegration of the country and the ensuing unrest in parts of the state are doubtlessly evident results of the same system. Country is under heavy foreign debts and it is among top declared corrupt states of the world. Street crimes are in hourly progress and sex crimes have reached the infants and the housewives. In spite of that some international centres of worldwide conspiracies are deftly painting hypothetical satisfactory hues about willy nilly improvements in imaginary sectors. It is exactly like assuring a last stage cancer patient about the chances of improvement and recovery.

Some of the logics of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri perfectly indicate and convey that he is a highly clear headed sane person. When he says that servants employed by the citizens must behave like servants and not masters, he beautifully clarifies that elected members of all categories must work for serving the public instead of serving the future of the family members, relatives and friends. When the present and near future of the citizens are jeopardized, what is justification of planning and working for the far future of the family members. When the honour and properties of the citizens is being trespassed on hourly basis, the securities of governance members carry no justification at all. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri’s Inqlab embowers all rational justifications to be implemented under the circumstances when hundred percent copy of Western democracy has completely failed to stop the process of regular deterioration accelerating with the passing of every month. No medicine has been invented to cure all diseases of all human beings. No medicine will ever be discovered to cure all diseases. Adjustments and modifications in governance system are imperative. If same idea is named Inqlab, all well-wishers of the states and the citizens must welcome it. How else concern for the motherland is defined? How else the welfare of the people and its generations is defined?

Vote bank sensitivity is a disastrous terminology exclusively invented by some politicians in Pakistan. This invention, in itself, is a book comprising of many volumes. You just feed your mind with these two words and click for the result. Chapters of its consequences will start opening to overpower you with an awe. Anybody who has already gone through all the chapters will shun to narrate its details. This is because going through the agonies and horrors for once leaves no patience for repeating everything over again. In nutshell this terminology is root cause of:-

  1. Indiscipline and inefficiency in government departments including zero maintenance of public facilities.
  2. Illegal favouritism providing coverage to wrong doers.
  3. Boosting adulteration and street crimes.
  4. Ultra sophisticated technologies for misappropriations and corruptions related to public funds.
  5. Postponing settled punishments to set aside the process of justice.

Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, in the interests of the citizens, wants to confiscate all volumes of this unique invention for real freedom of the citizens of the state. He wants to educate the people in art of returning the lies back to the liars. Continuous and regular downfall of the state is witness to that. Colonial civil institutions so sincerely maintained, improved and further developed in India, are all in a state of relics in Pakistan. In India, there are oft repeated five words on the lips of every Indian politician: ‘Desh ka keya ho ga’ (what will happen to motherland). In comparison to that Pakistani politicians are always worried: ‘what will happen to party’ and ‘what will happen to vote bank’.

Seventy years of perpetual failure of Western democracy in Pakistan has got to be amended and modified for the survival of the state (refer to articles headed: Justice to Rule, Corrupt States and Democracy, Eliminating Corrupt from Politics). If we don’t adhere to revolutionary suggestions of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, successive revolutionary groups will crop up one after the other. It is highly reasonable and economical to listen to Dr. Qadri. He plans to manage things with no extravagance.  He sincerely and selflessly wants to achieve remedies with all profit and no loss. He deserves a chance. He deserves a chance for rule of justice and rule of impartial parity. He wants to uproot he sensations of vote bank and all evils created by it.

The nation whose nationality was deserted by us, is making steady progress in all parts of life. Institutions are sound in spite of multiple social, political and economical problems as compared to Pakistan. It is going to be the second or third economic power of the world. This time in history, it is going to maintain its hard achieved status through spans of centuries, not years or decades. Almighty has accorded approval to their deep respect and reverence for the martyrs of 1857, martyrs of Jallian Wala Bagh (Amritsar), martyrs of independence all over Indian Territory and martyrs of massacre of partition process. There is definite reason for that. Indians have been able to produce Prime Ministers following the footsteps of supreme idol of independence and justice i.e. Mahatma Gandhi. Nehro, Lal Bahadur Shashtri and Manmohan Singh are the examples. Indians have produced a Prime Minister (Narseema Rao) who instructed the President of USA on soil of USA that India does not need anybody’s advice about democracy in India because it knows what kind of governance suits it. The prime leaders of independence and first Prime Minister of India each suffered jail terms separately for about a decade. Pakistan has not been able to produce a single Prime Minister following the footsteps of the prime leader of procuring the state. This conspicuously speaks of comparison between dedication exclusively for the nation and dedication exclusively for self, family, party and vote bank. This concludes living and dying for the nation and living and dying for self and family.

Every article of the Constitution supporting rulers is readily applied. Articles of the Constitution referring to the very fundamental ideology of finding the state remain inactive. Whereas Iran is at the verge of competing whole of the West in scientific and technological research, only domains of research of Pakistan are luxury (mother of all evils), poetry, singing and modelling. Super imposed atmosphere speaks of patting a baby to sleep. Everything is moving on the motto: Work hard, progress nil. Under the circumstances how it is possible to neglect voice of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri and voices of subsequent revolutionary groups demanding modifications in the governance system conducive to future of the citizens and the generations.

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