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Untackled Half of Terrorism

Among all the states of the world, particularly in case of Pakistan, one half of terrorism is due to noncompliance to fundamentals of establishment of the state. Pakistan’s Nazrea e Pakistan (Ideology of Pakistan) has been the fundamental of establishment of a state since early years of 20th century. The other half of terrorism is the groups of dissidents who are unable to tolerate the violations against the grounds on which territory had been procured at historically highest cost of life, honor and properties of citizens calmly and peacefully living in various parts of the subcontinent. Unfortunately only the second half of terrorism is being tackled i.e. confronting the dissidents, whereas the first half is achieving boosting support hour by hour without even the minutest possible attention by the governance bodies of the country. Here are very few serials of violations against the grounds of procuring the territory of Pakistan, which are causing the birth of rash groups of dissidents:-

quaid-e-azam said

  1. Profuse sexy displays of body parts of local and foreign female models in advertisements and fashion shows on Pakistani TV channels and the print media, is planned and managed scornfully against the very basis of ideology of Pakistan as if screen and paper presentations belong to a sex free society. These have become source of boosting sex crimes in the country which involve minor children as well as the honorable domestic ladies inside the walls of their residences. PEMRA and managements of TV channels must be rounded up and brought to court of justice.
  2. Clauses / articles of state’s constitution differentiating Muslims from non Muslims of the subcontinent have been deliberately set aside.
  3. TV screen in Pakistan is 100% same as the TV screen of India with regard to sex agitating performances by the female models, local and foreign. An open and unrestricted display of naked arms and armpits, naked legs, naked belly button, etc. with flying loose hair is common between India and Pakistan.
  4. Daily increasing members of female models including underage female babies is badly ridiculing the foundations of finding Pakistan. Daughters of Islamic Jamhuriya of Pakistan are emphatically persuaded to earn money through displaying their sexy body parts, their inviting smiles and their un-Islamic gestures of invitation.
  5. It has been taken for granted that women in Pakistan fail to choose and design their own clothing without the fashion shows because India has been managing the same regularly.
  6. Youths are persuaded to be musicians, singers and jokers like the custom in India. Coke Studio and PEPSI Studio are leaving no stone unturned to prepare Pakistanis for the professions of music and singing.
  7. Similarity of female sexy posters all along the roads and streets of all cities of India and Pakistan is a common feature.
  8. For every social and cultural imitation we look towards Bollywood, neglecting and rejecting Iran at our doorstep.
  9. Instead of using the physical and mental talent of youths in sports, education and feats of courage and determination, they are emphatically persuaded and exploited to become musicians, singers, actors and jokers.
  10. Vulgar and robust posture of news casters of all the TV channels of Pakistan is exceedingly aggressive as compared to news casters of European and Western countries. Is it compliance to basis of finding Pakistan? 99.9% females in Pakistan cover their heads in peace as well as in calamities. Where goes their representation? News casters are forced to appear as models whereas they are not models but ordinary salaried employees.

Pakistani News Casters appearing as models

Years 2017 has introduced Pakistanis to more and more highly educated lot of extremists including post graduate university students of science subjects. The development conspicuously points out highly sensitive issue that had been ignored and neglected in providing precise analytical solutions since 1950s. Let us seriously concentrate on the roots cause of extremism drifting us apart. It is a highly pitiable state of affairs that management by the Pakistani governance bodies practically, socially and culturally remained soundly united with Indians’ way of living as well as policies after partition that took place on the basis of, so to say, uncompromising principles and differences of spiritual faith. We have mercilessly taken this partition easy at the cost of reactionary suffering by the Muslims in every corner of India and its adjoining borders. We over paid the cost of separation multiple times but never during 70 years of period we have been able to prove our sincerity towards justifications of separation. Force, suppression and unauthentic over confidence have torn us further apart and the process appears to continue according to judgment of all knowledgeable thinkers and scholars.

Fashion Shows in Pakistan

Fashion Shows in Pakistan promoting Western ideology and vulgarity

Leaving aside the foreign aided terrorism in Baluchistan and part of Karachi in Sindh, all outlawed parties are rigidly based on religious beliefs. Extremism of their members, with high held finger, points to something for which All India Muslim League struggled for more than quarter of a century. They refer to the claims internationally registered. They refer to slaughter of 1200,000 innocent human beings and abduction and rape of 90,000 Muslims ladies as cost paid for principles and mottos repeated almost daily up to August 1947. Confronting and killing the activists do not appear to be settling the issue permanently. The reactions might subside or simply appear to be ending but these are sure to be resumed unless the root cause is not sincerely favored. Use of resource in eliminating the extremism is only half of the job that has no end towards conclusion. Redressing the root cause only can end it up to 98%. 2% are destined to continue but without much favor from other dissident groups.

When the cost of a product is over paid for taking over the product the cost recipient’s deliberate refusal to provide with the acclaimed shape of the article creates unending disgust and resentment that might head towards any perceptible disaster and catastrophe. Verily cost recipient’s standing aghast and stunned towards reactions carry no sense at all. The deceptive promises will continue to be source of destructive reactions in all parts of every community as well as amongst all peoples.

You doubtlessly expected to take over the product you overpaid for. Other party’s refusal towards that will certainly trigger offensive reactions against you or any of your stronger members out of your control.

Socially and culturally every possible facility if provided to erase every minutest sign of the Two Nations Theory and the basis of finding Pakistan, is a deliberate effort to merge Muslims and non Muslims into a single nation. This instigates the rigid sections of the society to revolt against the violators of the Two Nations Theory. You call it extremism or terrorism. It appears to rigidly persist against all efforts of eliminating the Ideology of Pakistan forever by merging Muslims and non Muslims into one nation in subcontinent.

Creation of subversive atmosphere against the very basis of finding Pakistan i.e. Two Nations Theory by the governance bodies, has deeply hurt the sentiments of followers of the patriotic section of the nation including highly educated citizens. The result has been resorting to the most destructive and cruel form of extremism for demanding attention towards 25 years of promises by All India Muslim League costing mercilessly killings of 1947. If shape of life had to be a true copy of shape of living in India, what for was so exceptionally high cost of life honor and properties?

Defining patriotism in consonance with the fundamental reasons for acquiring separation from mainland:-

  1. There must be something absolutely wrong with the birth or rearing or birth and rearing of a person dishonest to public funds of a state procured at cost of lives and honor of more than a million innocent human beings. Such worthless and Godless individual can never be patriotic and as such must go to gallous, because at any time they will get ready to sell away the most sensitive secrecy of the state. The phenomenon has taken place many times during 70 years period. Memo Gate and Dawn Leaks are recent examples.
  2. Honesty and sincerity for the fundamental of independence, are must to justify the separate state for Muslims. If Two Nations Theory vanishes, combined India becomes a true dream.
  3. Muslim terminologies must be adhered to without even a tinge of hatred for anybody whosoever.
  4. Corruption and adulterations in eatables are extremely anti patriotism.
  5. Gaining extortion through use of national status is not at all different from embezzlement of public funds.
  6. Use of national status for construction of family integrity and family assets are highest level of dishonesty. National status is for the nation not for son / daughter / mother / father / etc.

Most recent struggles against corruption and embezzlements in Pakistan make it adequately clear that some people join politics not to serve the state and the nation but exclusively to embezzle public funds and apply public bestowed status for collecting gratifications and extorting for their family members and for luxurious lifestyle which can never be maintained through fair resources of income. Such people degenerate to the extent that they do not hesitate to speak ill of the judiciary and the armed forces which are the confirmed gantry of the very survival of the nation.

This deception to the nation by the money making politicians, is the root cause of terrorism and the factors contradictory to the ideology of Pakistan, at the top of which stand the ongoing sex agitating displays on TV channels and the print media.

Slackness by the various governments in rounding up the money makers politicians and permitting all media sections for proceeding like the atmosphere in any free sex society, caused the penetration of the crimes, corruptions and luxury over to every nook of this highly conservative social setup, separated from India on basis of Muslimism. The very stanch followers of late Mr. M. A. Jinnah are core culprits.

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