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Undue Permissiveness of PEMRA

More than a foot long column captioned ‘PEMRA to draft code for TV content’ (daily Dawn of February 26, 2012, Page 16), in all fairness displays a quaint rather ridiculous gesture when judged with the background of creation of a new state in the name of Islam and its believers. It also endorses status of some unknown holy book to the inception of private TV channels, during seven years of dictator’s rule with the commencement of 21 century. The grave concern and tone of the column also indirectly condemns the entire system of organizing and functioning of the TV systems from years 1960s up to the engineered ousting of democratic government during year 1999. Tone of the column strongly supports the odd doctrine ‘Inventions of new crime to see the efficiency of the police is not a bad idea’. Or ‘Creation and display of new disorders to assess the tolerance of a highly conservative social system, is strategy’.

Sikh-cultureIt is possible to calculate the results of decade long performance of private channels deeply concentrated on promiscuously agitating sex in a social setup having a history of many thousand years of conservative temperament and nature. We do have recorded data. Take the record of sex crimes from year 1947 to year 1999 from states’ police stations and compare them with the collection of similar data only for ten years from year 2001 to year 2010. The comparison of two will be horrible at the very first glance.

occupied-kashmir World knows that this country has been procured at the cost of chastity of 90 thousand Muslim women and minor girls, merciless massacre of countless women, children and men, ever lasting discrimination of India’s Muslim citizens (because their religious brothers disintegrated the territory of Bharat Mata) and continued dishonor and killing of Muslim women and men in Kashmir. But authorities responsible for permitting the functioning of private channels, especially those of the period from 1999, give every impression through their statements, behavior and outfit displays that this country had been presented to them in a golden tray with a lot many salutes and thanks of lords of Britain and Indian citizens. indian-massacre That is why they are extremely touchy and sensitive about the interests of private channels’ stake holders / owners of Cable networks, who have been showing our youngsters the Western sex kisses, active sex scenes and naked Western women on the sea shores. All this has been happening in a country where 100% women of all religions cover their heads and bodies for the last thousands of years in respectful regards to their great culture and traditions with amazingly steadfast sincerity even during stunning calamities like wars, floods, earthquakes, etc. There is another thing that private channels / cable networks are vehemently promoting with highly tender care. And this is female models industry. Who does not know the heinous motives behind this industry? A young girl who deserted the modeling profession was narrating, with a grave face, on USA TV program Oprah that she had been sexually assaulted at the age of only 13 years. Pakistani private channels are going many steps ahead of the West. They are very frequently introducing baby models in a huge number. It is hard to believe that these baby models of Islami Jamhuria Pakistan will ever get rid of this filth till death. Dear me! We are more worried about the interests of so called stake holders.

The whole of above referred column is simply much ado about nothing. Why we cannot get rid of all of these private channels like the situation persisting up to year 1999? Why we cannot eliminate this suspicious modeling profession when graphic designing can provide far more facilities for advertising industry? Why we cannot do without obscene Western and Eastern films? Why we cannot take incentive from Saudi and Iranian media managements, where society is almost with zero crimes? There are so many ‘whys’ on which we must ponder upon in view of the hourly continued sacrifices for separating this piece of land from Bharat Mata. Are we deliberately planning to join India?

KP and Baluchistan joined us simply for Islamic values. They did not join us for the stake holders of TV channels. Taking serious notice of the performance of our TV channels, fashion shows, couple dances, dirty jokes and filthy physical movements of theaters, boosting groups of singers, when country’s back bone industry badly suffers from lack of electricity, oil, gas, endless corruption / extremism, worst law & order situation, destructions of institutions, disastrous plight of PIA / Railway, etc, justifiably forces people of KP and Baluchistan to review the decision of their elders. Stake holders are paving way for disintegration very deliberately.

To let this country survive, let us eliminate the stake holders altogether, doing them favor of finishing all their worries. We must strictly abide by the purposes for which Pakistan had been procured. This is the only option for us to keep Pakistan intact forever.

We badly need full concentration on technological advancement and pooling of country’s enormous resources in which we are backward by the count of centuries. Iranian’s 20 years of progress far exceeds our 65 years of achievements. The reason is that they have sincerely concentrated on scientific progress, instead of wishful welfare of stakeholders of private TV channels. Iranians do not have sex scenes, fashion shows, theaters, dingy flying hair, naked armpits, etc, but they do have a record in going ahead.


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