Sunday, October 24, 2021

Earning another Honor for India

Sonakshi Sinha

On the basis of news item in ‘The Dawn’, Lahore, February 19, 2012, there is something for which peoples of the region in general and people of India in particular, can be proud of the Daughter of Sub-Continent. By rearing Ms. Sonakshi over to an integral personality, Sinha family has earned an extra honor for India and Indian cultural & tradition. Ms. Sonakshi Sinha possesses doubtless sincerity and respect for ‘Sanskar’, ‘Parmpara’ and ‘Mansamman’ for the great Indian culture and traditions. She has upheld her exalted opinion in an atmosphere where almost all of her colleagues, males & females, feel honored to pose as foreigners, clad in foreign dress and behaving in foreign etiquettes. Ms. Sonakshi bears deep reverence for her father, her family and the territorial traditions.

In her very simple and shortest possible remarks, she has been highly successful in floating a message for every Indian, that Indian culture, surviving through rigors of thousands of years, is deep rooted and far more superior to the Valentine’s Day (V.D.) culture which has been engineered during the period of a very few decades. VD’s culture is exclusively based on making women a sex figure. Nobody takes any trouble of feeling any curiosity to see women with minimum possible dress in offices, markets and streets, whereas men are fully dressed from neck to feet. A woman who owns the supreme status of a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter has been habituated for minimum dress. This is VD culture in short. Yearly women day celebration is only deliberate effort for veiling the active injustice against women.

Indian Culture is respectably balanced and reasonable. It is a perfect culture carved by the people through generations for the generations to follow. Its values are based on equal respect for men and women. It confirms real respect for women as they have no obligation to be sex figures. Setting aside the pockets influenced by foreign culture, women in India command great and meaningful respect in the society.

Mankind history’s first biggest protest organized by women of Italy in Rome, during first quarter of year 2011 was only for condemning the practice of using women as sex figures in advertisements on TV and newspapers. Observing the enormous number of women from every village, town and city of the whole country, the protest very well represented all the women of the West.


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