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Defacing Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan

Men, women and children who sacrifice their lives, honor and properties in struggler for justice and fundamental right for their nation and territory will remain to be the most honorable human beings for the whole of man kind on earth for ever. Continued tributes to such selfless sacrifices will be an honor for human conscience for all times to come.

Quaid-e-Azam-PakistanIt is the state of Pakistan where homage to martyrs restricts to lips only. Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, his companions and thousands of martyrs never had the slightest idea that decades of their day and night hard work and numerous sacrifices for finding the state of Islamic values, will be strategically and deliberately defaced by the so called scholars, political groups and dictators. They never thought that the very ideology of Pakistan will be trespassed by shaping Pakistan exactly in the shape of combined India:-

1- So called scholars suffering from incurable inferiority complex will start pleading that initiating steps for habituating Pakistani women to imitate Western women in nakedness will help in progress and prosperity. See the news casters, comperes, advertisement models of TV. See the specially provided pages of fashion and fashion shows in all the daily and periodical newspapers.

2- Undeclared active steps for propagating Mama / Papa culture in the entire education system to create hatred and dishonor for our religious and cultural ways of life. Our children are taught to feel honor in Western ways of hour to hour life.

3- Earning money through display of naked parts of female body in advertisements and dramas. Nurseries of female models are maintained including young girls to destroy their lives in this filth. There is not check to that from government of Islamic Jamahiriya Pakistan. There is no voice to protest from the clergy and Islamic scholars.

4- Fashion shows, theaters and foreign advertisement showing naked women are being profusely promoted to eliminate the causes of partition from India.

5- No stone is left unturned to persuade elimination of Islamic and cultural honor and dignity of women of Pakistan.

6- Survival of Pakistan depends on Islamic values as it has been procured on Islamic justifications. Any move to shape it like Mumbai is conspicuous abuse to its existence.

Every Budh, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or Parsi women is daughter of Islamic Jamahiriya Pakistan and who so ever acts against her honor and dignity is an incurable sick stooge who deserves particular hospital confinement only.

After Quid-e-Azam, we have not been able to bring forth a Nelson Mandela, a Lal Bahadur Sharstri (who ended his life for Bharat Mata), a Mahateer Muhammad, a Lee Kuan Yew, an Iranian leadership but ironically we have been able to bring forth two foreigners as Prime Ministers of Pakistan.

We have not been able to decrease the burden of our foreign debts but we have made worldwide progress in bringing forth more and more singers, musicians (Refer to Dawn, May 27, 2012, pages 19) and jokers, as also doing considerable research work in display of female naked legs and armpits.

We have not been able to solve our energy problems but we are ever ready to cheaply sell our state’s basic rights for undefined frivolous atomic technology.


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