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Sardar Ganda Singh Oberoi - The Idol of Impartiality

Sardar Ganda Singh Oberoi – The Idol of Impartiality

Sardar Ganda Singh Oberoi was the founder of Oberoi Sports in Sialkot city. Area of his factory comprised of many acres east and west of the start of Paris Road. Bounds of eastern part were common with Sialkot Railway junction. The adjacent part of railway had a track for turning the face of that time […]

Atmosphere Against Kashmir Cause

Atmosphere Against Kashmir Cause

Operation Zarb-e-Azb can be concluded with success earlier than anticipated if the democratic government shares and undertakes its responsibilities by immediately activating suspended and postponed part of the constitution related to Islamic way of life for which people of FATA opted to join Pakistan. Efforts of the operation will become all the more effective with […]

Undue Permissiveness of PEMRA

Undue Permissiveness of PEMRA

More than a foot long column captioned ‘PEMRA to draft code for TV content’ (daily Dawn of February 26, 2012, Page 16), in all fairness displays a quaint rather ridiculous gesture when judged with the background of creation of a new state in the name of Islam and its believers. It also endorses status of […]

Response to Shahid Siddiqi's Analysis of India's Occupation of Kashmir

Response to Shahid Siddiqi’s Analysis of India’s Occupation of Kashmir

Response by Axis of Logic reader, Nasir Khan on Obama’s November Vist to India: Help Kashmiris gain their right to self-determination. Mr Siddiqi, I am sure you know what Obama stands for. Please let me add a bit on this score. The whole world knows him as a staunch defender of the policies of Israel […]