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Maya Khan – Is she Victim or mastermind of Conspiracy

Maya Khan Maya Khan, well known actor, a social worker, an activist for women rights in Pakistan (self proclaim of course) and former host of famous TV morning show named ‘Subah Sawerey Maya Kay Sath’ hosted on Samaa TV. Recently she has been discussed a lot for presentation in her morning show, all over the media. She is facing terrifying criticism in response to her over bold show, especially the episode in which she showed young couples dating in a park in Karachi, and she was asking question from then, whether their parents were aware of their activities, and even asked for Nikka Namma from a couple.

After enormous negative response and criticism on the content of this episode, Samaa TV finally decided to close the morning show, fired Maya Khan from their organization and asked her to apologize to the civil society and people of Pakistan for her misact. Though at first she refused to apologize unconditional, arguing that she has done nothing wrong, but last week, finally she apologized from everybody for her misact, during an exclusive interview on Shahid Khamran’s socio politcal talk show ‘Frontline’ at Express News channel. Let’s watch the show and decide what was a case actually:

Whatever the questions, allegation and critic point of views had by civil society and general public, Shahid Kamran asked all these very wisely and in substantial manner. He tried to bring out the most of everything out of all this media drama. Maya Khan answered all his questions very nicely and expressed her views in best possible manner, though all of her explanations and feminine trick of crying to win sympathy, does not prove that she is completely innocent, but at least now we have the most of the truth of this drama.

The interesting thing Maya Khan revealed here is that, the boys and girls displayed in her show during ‘raid’ were not real people. They were paid actors and they were playing their roles as discussed and laid out before, just like professional actors do in professional shoots. Now this raise a whole new debate and many other questions that why the she needed to do that.

Well, God know better whether she is speaking truth or not and they were real actors or not. Maybe she has paid those boys enough that they agreed to come up on media to confess their role and prove her innocent. Well, that’s not the main point. The main point of this discussion is that, why the hell she needed fake actors to do that. She argued that, she had to do this because this problem exists in the society and in order to avoid any real problem, she used paid actors to create the situation. It means that all her previous shows, where she blew up so many conspiracies and disclosed so many men cheating on their wives, all of that was carefully crafted lie, a fake portrait of so called ‘disturbed’ and ‘corrupt’ Pakistani society, especially Men.

Well, honestly speaking, nobody denies that, such evils do not exists in our society, of course it does, but the way it had been portrayed and depicted in Maya Khan’s shows was so destructive for the society. According to the contents of that show, they tried to prove that every man who comes home late from office or frequently travels for business must have some kind of affair with other woman or women, or maybe he have a second wife or family at some other place or city. Now a common housewife, who have no idea that all this is a lie, and entertainment only, will start seeing her husband suspiciously. Similarly, in the light of this particular episode, now all the parents will see their sons and daughter with an eye of doubt, when they will come late from college or when their cell phones will ring with text message alert ring.

Of course, nobody is denying that such things are not part of our society, but showing all this in such a way, without any guideline or definition, is not an appreciative thing to do. Our country have more than enough conservative society, where females are kept in house, deprived from higher education, due to the fear that they will get involve in negative activity and will cause shame for families, such characterization and depiction will certainly cause psychological chaos for our society. Such kind of TV shows should not be encouraged in future.

Well Shahid Kamran has answered all these questions adequately and Maya Khan has expressed her point of view sufficiently. More importantly she has apologized from public for her mistake, and we all sure do forgive her. No doubt that her family life has also disturbed a lot from all the criticism, abuse and expose of her private life and she deserves an apology.

Maya Khan raised a very nice question, that all such programs and episodes are nicely discussed and approved by the TV channels’ managements, before they appear live for viewers. Maybe Maya Khan is completely innocent, and she had been used for some specific purposes. She is an actor and performer, she plays her role nicely. Nobody knows, where did the idea of this show came from and who assigned that task to Maya Khan in the veil of social work and goodwill of society, and she being an enthusiastic social activist accepted it, considering it a noble task.

We all know that most of media channels in Pakistan have been funded by foreign investors, including investors from Indian, US and Jews lobby which is everywhere. Obviously the intentions of these investors is to deteriorate the social structure of Pakistan, portrait a wrong picture of Pakistani society and mislead our younger generation. In order to achieve their goals, they are using many resources, out of which one is to hire (with huge benefits) non resident Pakistanis to come here and act in a totally new kind of way, which is obviously difficult to extract from local material.

No doubt that these foreign reside Pakistanis do not know enough about the ground realities of Pakistani cultures; they being living abroad from decades are under the influence of western culture, so it is an undeniable fact that, they may have developed some more enlightened moderate ideology than common Pakistani public and easily get ready to play more bold roles, which is sometimes unacceptable for general local public, which is conservative and sensitive minded. Maybe, Maya Khan is also a victim of such conspiracy and mastermind is somebody else, who is sitting somewhere else, planning a new stupid TV show.

Everybody have disgraced Maya Khan and criticized her, like to hell. But nobody have spoken a single word about that stupid TV channel which hosted this show; why, because they have financial power and they have political connections? And we, so called civil society and concerned people found a single woman more venerable to attack and easy to criticize; how can we loose this opportunity. This is hypocrisy. Maya Khan was doing her job, but that TV channel was making piles of profits out it, plus appreciation from their foreign master.

That TV channel should have been condemned in similar way like Maya Khan had been condemned and they should also apologies for being irresponsible in front of Pakistani public. Then it will be true justice, then we can call us responsible citizens and so called concerned civil society.


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