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Affection by Loneliness Generates Depression and Odd Behavior

The affected person might be otherwise physically fit and without financial problems, inspite of that feeling of loneliness keep piercing him all the time he is awake. From odd behavior to depression over to temptations of suicide, loneliness is the cause of mental torture affecting the person over to a state where living becomes a […]

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Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan

Forward: This article is least beneficial for ladies and gentlemen surviving on self-centered lifestyle with attitude ‘live a little, enjoy a lot’. It is primarily for people with yearn to maintain healthy long life aimed at helping the needy and struggling for justice till last breath. All rare species conquer special attention and tender care. […]

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Gloomy Spells in Life

Gloomy Spells in Life

Human mood fluctuates from time to time. Feeling pleased and happy is generally the outcome of favouring incidents. Even a bit of ordinary success brings soothing pleasure. Having a nice day pleases and suffering from irritating odds causes distaste of temperament. Problems of business and job directly affect human behaviour and sometimes the adversely affected […]

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