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Revelations During Times of Uncertainty

Often people talking about tragedies they have been through sound rather fond of the very source of pain, that is, life itself. I always assumed it to be the masochistic nature of man. I thought relishing in pain might just be another contradictory factor in our psyche.


But what I have learnt now is that pain is a truth-revealer. Chaos, destruction and uncertainty are the catalysts towards a man’s new understanding of his very being. These challenges cause one to question the very fabric of his being; his choices, behavior, thought patterns and emotions. We often lament about how loss and suffering is inevitable in life. Many times, in life we find ourselves at the edge of despair, cursing our fates, God and every aspect of the Universe. We woe about how in life there is no wholeness, no completion, no true success, no joy that lasts. But should that not be very telling of the true nature of life itself. Something that does not and will not last.

When our avenues towards supposed success, prosperity and happiness are obstructed in ways we never imagined, we find ourselves helpless and insecure with a complete lack of control over the ways nature beguiles us with its unpredictable quality. We begin to question whether anything ever really was in our control. To be fair, it is very easy to again get wrapped up in the convoluted illusions of the world after few moments of consideration about our own origins and capabilities. Here the defining moment is despair and immense pain that bring us back again at the very same questions that keep haunting our lives. Most of them involve, contemplating the lack of permanence in all things human and how to understand or deal with it.

Embracing the brittle condition of human existence seems like accepting defeat. But that always sounds so wrong to the humankind that has adapted to survive and beat all circumstances that threaten its survival. It appears that many of human ventures involve trying to find ways to live more and somehow eternalize the human experience. Science, arts, music, architecture the attention to detail and elaborate purpose we put in all of these topics shows an intention of the human species to stay. It is as if, even though we have been experiencing it ever since we came into existence, the mankind simply has not accepted that the end is inevitable. We refuse to accept that Earth is our temporary abode.

It is so interesting to note how people wish to accumulate wealth and hold chunks of assets that would last for many decades of generations. They would rather garner such a big wealth that can be passed to thousands of their kin but help people of their time. How many billionaires hold on to innumerable wealth while their workers and fellow countrymen suffer in poor conditions. They would rather keep enhancing their own worth but to give away that wealth to the millions of poor disadvantaged people. Rather, such wealth is used to send people over Mars, to find out if perhaps the rich and wealthy would be able to have a forever home on another planet was the Earth to decay completely. This is completely ignorant of the people that do decay on this Planet and could use that investment.

The ways we deal with the insecurities uncertainty brings about in us makes all the difference in the world. Some people try to evade this insecurity and try to find refuge in materialistic pursuits or human relations. Neither of these two last as well so such people are constantly dwindling between different pursuits to find a sense of fulfillment and stability.

While the other kind confronts these fears and contemplates the origin of why human suffering persists regardless of our efforts to escape and conquer new pursuits. These people end up realizing that a lot of self-sustaining ideas are only there to provide the Man with the illusion of control. The truth is that we can never be truly free. We can only exercise our will in some choices that pave the ways for our lives but the Divine Hands are running the bigger picture and there is nothing we can do to change what is to come.

How to Cope With New Understandings
When we realize that in truth we have very little power on how our lives function, we can be absolutely overwhelmed by how insignificant we are. It would make us question any of the mistakes we have committed as well as whether the idea of good and bad itself is outside of our question.

In times like this, we need to take important steps towards grounding a new layer of reality upon which we can function. For without taking steady steps towards that, it can lead one to self-destruct and lose touch with reality altogether.

The most important thing to do first and foremost is to accept that what you believed all your life and the passions your pursued are all worldly constructs and like the nature of world, they have a deadline to them. Accepting that can be crushing but you must do so by being gentle with yourself and in a gradual manner.

Connect With Nature:
One of the most therapeutic ways we can deal with transitioning periods of our lives is to spend more and more time in nature and to observe the miracles that occur on a daily basis. They would not only feel your heart with joy but make you feel calmer about the natural process of life.

 Connect with God:
Talk with God like a friend. Once you’ve understood how there is a strong divine element of life. The natural progression should be to connect with your maker, to have a daily conversation with the Divine power that holds your life.

Ask and Express Gratitude:
After the acceptance and understanding of the Divine power in your life has been solidified, it would make you ready to continue with life with the revelation you had. But the most important thing is to understand that you should not shun life. You should embrace life with these new understandings.

And a very essential way you can master both the spiritual and material aspects of life is to give the desires to your Maker. Indulge in your desires with a strong faith that only He alone can provide you with what you want. And if He does not, it is best for you to let them go.

The resentment of letting go is then healed when a human being indulges in gratitude for all that they have. When they wonder what is it that they have and express joy and gratification for having it. This makes them less clingy towards their desires, their have-nots and more appreciative of what they do have.

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