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Life Skills to Master in Your Twenties

Teenage is an interesting time for all of us. While surely some people make the right choices in terms of their career and associations, it can be argued that most do not. It is because teenage is a period of a certain amount of liberty that easily leads people astray into experimenting with their choices. They are trying to determine their identities with relation to the outside world and end up creating even more confusion in their young minds. They end up entering twenties with the consequences of those choices taking a toll on them.

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Entering your twenties is always rather overwhelming. It might be the first birthday of your life where instead of the countdown to blow candles being exciting, sounds like a premonition to one’s impending doom. Obviously, such paranoia does no one any favors. It might make you hyper vigilant or too stressed out to even function properly. It is essential that during your early twenties, you start making choices that will solidify a better and more sustainable future for you.

1- Time Management:
Although, the importance of time is a constant in all ages of life. Twenties is really when the effort to manage time pays off.

Often people assume time management is only to maximize productivity. They believe that time is to be managed in accordance with the job you have and to make sure you make most of your day in case of monetary or academic productive. That can not be further from the truth.

Time needs to be managed in all areas of life. That means you have to make sure you categorize what time you will be giving to which activity. You need to put in slots for family time, time to relax, time to reflect on your day and set goals etc. This prevents one from putting all energy in just one task. That task might be important to you but it should not take away from your mind the other important aspects of life too. Moreover, once you give time to activities that involve your loved ones or your creative interests, you’re able to retain more joy in your life.

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2- Set Your Priorities:
We need to make sure that we are doing something for a specific outcome. What is that outcome and how it would influence our life. By trying to understand that, we can often prevent many mistakes that we make. Constantly checking in with your mind whether what you are doing is the path you want to go down or not is a sure way to not get lost in life.

Meanwhile it is also key that we have certain priorities that we stand firm upon. Regardless of whichever direction our lives are going, we should make sure that we have a firm ground on specific priorities.

3- Assessing Your Companions:
While you were a teenager you might have been a victim of bullying. You might have associated with people that did not have your best interests in their hearts or in general did not care about you. When you enter your twenties, these associations become even more complicated. It is rather hard to find good friends in adult life and many things need to be considered while associating with people.


First and foremost, you have to examine their behavior. Is their behavior, the sort of behavior you condone or agree with? Perhaps they have a different level of maturity than you. That is tolerable unless they actively damage others around them. But it is also essential that you see if all your associates have a certain level of immaturity. You can not progress if you peers are stagnant and not ambitious.

Secondly, you need to actively find people that challenge you. You have to take that challenge in a healthy way. See their viewpoints and let it mentally stimulate you. Perhaps they exceed in areas of life you don’t. When you examine them closely, you are able to assess what it is that they do that you need to incorporate in your life.

Lastly, make sure that people around you are supportive, caring and kind. They are the people you would be able to rely on during stressful times. Twenties can be very difficult and if you have a good support group, it makes life more convenient for you.

4- Introspection:
Everyone expects you to be more stable and mature automatically after you become an adult while we all know it is not possible to change within a day. It is not even possible to determine all that you need to do and be within the span of a week. Life has many complex twists and turns and we can not overwhelm ourselves with everything altogether. The habit of introspection is supposed to be a daily and a weekly task and it should extend to all aspects of your life.

Reflect on how you treat your family and friends. Reflect on how you are doing with day to day tasks. Reflect on certain uncomfortable emotions you feel. Reflect on what might be lacking in your life or what might be in excess. But doing it on a more punctual and daily manner helps one to not get overwhelmed or feel as if their life is out of their hands. This also brings a huge chunk of self-awareness which specifically helps in building better bonds.

5- Creative Arts as Healing:
Self expression is a key to not only surviving but also living. Surviving and living are not always the same. As children, we thought of adulthood as a boring period of life where people stop having fun and have serious expressions all the time.

The problem is it is not necessarily untrue. Many of us leave behind our creativity in childhood because the adult life seemed to have no space for it. While some people do take up professions that are directly involving these arts, unfortunately we live in a world where these professions are looked down upon and not celebrated enough.

And perhaps, some people do need to adopt other professions because that is their calling. However, everyone has to some degree a certain level of creativity in them.

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This creative expression would nag on our minds for exposure and unless we do not give it that, the lack of colours in our life would become very apparent.

So it is very important that even as an adult with a busy college life or a job, you find a way of expressing yourself through creativity. Be it poetry, painting or music. You can do anything that involves you expressing your creative nature that can in turn make other areas of your life seem more pleasant.

But that is not all. This creative expression will also help you in dealing with stress that you face on day to day affairs. It will help you release the tense muscles of your forehead and give a light-hearted recluse to your mind. It can be a delightful activity and also regulates our emotions. Moreover, some of the more complex aspects our minds that can not be articulated in other well-structured ways are able to find their ways out by creative expression.

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