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Bharat Bhushan

Bharat BhushanForward: This article is least beneficial for ladies and gentlemen surviving on self-centered lifestyle with attitude ‘live a little, enjoy a lot’. It is primarily for people with yearn to maintain healthy long life aimed at helping the needy and struggling for justice till last breath.

All rare species conquer special attention and tender care. Diamonds, emeralds and amethysts receive more care than sapphires, rubies and pearls. Some animals are born in shape striking the looks of everybody. There was an outstanding be witching ox with almost transparent and highly symmetrical horns overwhelmingly loved by the owner. The owner prepared a bed for the animal to sit, telling the people ‘this gift of nature is not for sitting on bare ground’. He used to spend a lot of money on special fodder for the animal. The animal was highly sensitive and intelligent and understood the very gestures of owner’s eyes and face. It was an exceptionally outstanding creature especially blessed with physical beauty and mental aptitude. It is very rare for anybody to have a look of such animal in whole life. As for birds, almonds form part of diet of some pets. Among human beings, athletes, sportsmen, body builders and singers rely on classified diet and exercise. To take care of their throat some singers do not rely on any cook and prepare their meals themselves.

For his face and figure during 1940s, Bharat Bhushan was an outstanding person. His appearance of that period bears signs of very tender care by his mother during the two years’ period that she got for nursing him. His father and grandfather reared him very well till he was a university graduate, with exceptional formation, careful rearing and proper education, the quantum of efforts put in by his own self towards maintenance, do not at all appear to be conservative and constructive. As member of the respectable Roy Family, his choice of film acting against the wishes of his father must have been cause of considerable disappointment.

bharat-bhushan-payaar-ka-mausamBharat Bhushan remains to be the most handsome, rather beautiful, actor of Indian film industry up till now. An analysis of his professional and personal life concludes that he could not concentrate on taking care to maintain his figure and financial circumstances inspite of his merits and education. His overall graph gradually declined. From apex of ‘Baiju Bawra (1952)’, he descended to bit roles in C-grade films like ‘Teri Payal Meray Gheet’, on the basis of per day payments. As a result of excessive reliance on individuals around him, he was cheated of all his wealth during 1960s. From his posh area banglow in Juhu – Bombay, he had to move to a rented house.

An American scholar said ‘’biggest mistake on the part of a person is to take it from granted that good days will last forever’’. If an illiterate person of meagre background declines, it is only bad. If an educated person’s graph continuously goes down, it is miserable. Another American said ‘’So many downfalls resulting from carelessness and mismanagements are attributed to bad luck’’. Education is graduation of the mind for vigilance and systematic ways of life. Education applies to affairs of everyday life. When Bharat Bhushan was in a state of receiving threats for sex affairs and later when he had been enjoying gatherings and musical programs at Juhu banglow, his close friends were planning for grabbing whole of his wealth. This was the result of frivolous attitude towards hard earned money which could adequately support the dry days.

Here is a suggestion from an exceptionally versatile Russian artist, famous for his extempore poetry, singing tones and performance on the stage and down among seats of the audience: ‘’Never resort to a single purpose in life. There must be many purposes in life and its activities. Life with single purpose is dangerous for mental health. What will you do if you fail in your single purpose? Will you commit suicide? A person must have a whole tree of purposes so that instead of getting paralysed by failure in one purpose, he immediately gets busy for the next purpose’’. Single purpose in life i.e. film industry, over reliance on close friends, over involvement in gatherings for enjoyments and serious lack of financial planning caused problems for the outstanding actor in his dry old age days.

Lifestyle of the artist has left behind lessons for all who care for their future:-

  1. During ups of circumstances, arrangements for sags must be planned.
  2. Financial investments are must side by side with the process of spending for fun.
  3. Financial planning must always be the matter of top priority as exclusive personal affair.
  4. People blessed with extra ordinary faces and figures must make every possible precaution to maintain the special gift through old age till death.
  5. Responsibilities that have to be attended personally must never be assigned to others including brothers and sisters.
  6. Differentiation between good and bad friends must always be among top priority matters.
  7. Extra marital sex ruins person’s dignity and health.
  8. A sizeable part of earnings must be donated for needy and diseased of all costs and beliefs.

Disciplined life based on rational principles adds to beauty and attraction through years added to age, providing golden layers to personality. Good conduct, courage, forbearance and steadfast persistence upon one’s own characteristic manners, bless a person with exceptional beauty and attraction. In this context their certainly are so many ladies and gentlemen who stand to be examples.  I would like to introduce one of my clo9se friends. As you go through these introductory details, you will be further convinced that creator creates and guides for maintenance.


My friend at age 48

My close friend is university graduates, an ex-body builder and presently in his 70s. he takes his daily physical exercises very regularly. Once a week he takes his rigorously exercise continuously for three to four hours without break. He possesses tremendous physical and mental stamina. At his study table he sometimes works throughout the night. He is blessed with normal eyesight without glasses. He is almost Jacl Llanne (Google the name for details) of Pakistan. He has been as handsome and attractive as Bharat Bhushan in his 20s and due to his efforts even today maintains an exceptionally attractive personality. Courageous and benevolent, he is tremendous source of attraction for people around him. He dislikes poets but occasionally sings parts of song filmed with Vijay Kumar in ‘Alahdin’ with recurring verse ‘Muhabbat he muhabbat hai, jawani he jawani hai (there is love and continuous love, there is youth with continuity)’. Even at this age his artistic melodious voice impresses. Most of his close friends are in their 20s and 30s and have deep love and respect for him. Within his squeezed circle he is generous social worker and active against injustice. As a Pakistani, he owns fair regards for India and all of its citizens. Curiously enough he does not want much fame. Temperamentally he is shy. He terms hunger for fame to be a human weakness, illegitimate greed and unfair tool of aggressive push to impress others for solace. I highly value his oft repeated advice ‘’Never think much about death. Always concentrate on best possible help to needy people of all faiths’’. He emphatically stresses that believers must study the divine books of their faiths. He stresses that everybody must find time for studying books of all other faiths. According to him these good studies will unite human beings because no religion teaches hatred for others. Successfully married he is father of educated and cultured children. Through years of hard works he possesses sound financial assets through his vigilant planning of absolutely fair income. He informs me that he regularly takes guidance from various Holy Books as well as from great personalities of past and present.

Here are some more informations about my friend which might be source of incentive for others in matters of health and happy life:-

  1. He is none alcoholic and none smoker.
  2. He takes fresh vegetables and fruits and avoids preserved food items including cold drinks. Walnuts, almonds, dates and peanuts are his favourite.
  3. He lives on breakfast and dinner. Following advices of late Hakeem Saeed (Hamdard Dawa Khana) and late Mr. Jack Llanne, he eats only for diet value and not for taste kicks.
  4. He is terribly greedy to see everybody in good health and for that he guides and instructs without request.
  5. He spends for helping needy and for supporting justice.
  6. Planned efforts to impress others are heinous sins in his opinion.
  7. He has taken Allopathic medicine very rarely in life.
  8. He is exceptionally blessed with full grown compact hairs, normal eye sight, strong teeth and healthy heart – liver – pancreas – kidneys. He always humbly thanks Creator Almighty for all these super natural blessings.


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