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What Should I Wear to Work?

Colors Affect Your Mood and Mind, Choose Wisely!

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You got exceptionally heated up during a trivial debate in the college. After getting some fresh air, you were able to get a clear head and found yourself embarrassed for losing your cool. It does get stuffy in the office sometimes, doesn’t it? Well maybe that stuffiness had something to do with that sparkly red dress that you wore.

In day-to-day affairs, while picking which colors to wear, we hardly give a second thought to how they affect our mood and in turn our behavior. But they definitely do so. Much more than we think they do. Leatrice Eiseman is a color specialist. She explains that our perceptions and pre-conceived notions about colors are largely affected by the color patterns seen in nature. Whatever colors we associate with different natural phenomenon affects what we think about people wearing them. This is likely to vary from people to people because different people enjoy different aspects of nature. There would of course be dark and dreary people that hardly enjoy any aspect of nature. But rest assured, their opinion on this subject would be of little importance.

A prominent example of colors of nature affecting our choices in clothing is the color blue. Blue is the color of sky. Sky is an element of nature that most people enjoy. Many associate sky with something that brings that comfort and soothes their mind. People gaze at sky with wonder and find it fascinating. Sky also presents recluse for people who might feel frustrated or angry. Just like that the color blue is reportedly told to help with anxiety and stress. In color and art therapy, people look at different colors to feel a sense of relief. Blue is number one on that category. So naturally, wearing lighter shades of blue to work and college is a very good idea. Specially on warmer days, when the nerves are already under the pressure of a lot of stress and frustration. This color would not only help your mood to lighten up to a considerable degree. But it would have a positive effect on your co-workers.

Work environment involves having to deal with many twists and turns of different sorts. Sometimes you need to be assertive and sometimes passive. Sometimes it is better to have an attire that blends in with the environment and sometimes it is better to stand out. For instance, yellow is a color that is abundant in nature. Yellow is the color of sunlight and sunflowers. It presents an optimistic, bright and energetic emotion. If there is a kindergarten teacher that teaches small toddlers. Some of whom are too upset to be away at home, some are sleepy on start of the day and some have short attention spans that need to be engaged. If you wear brighter colors specially a mixture or orange and yellow, the small children might find it exciting to look at and it would draw their attention.

At the same time, if you are going for an office meeting in which you have to present a specific topic then wearing a sparkly yellow color would not only be seen as inappropriate but also take the co-worker’s attention away from your actual work but more on your attire. If you want to both make your presence, be a little striking and also help it facilitate in your work then you should wear a color that is both impactful but also professional. In that case, black color is more suitable. As black has both a magnetic quality to it but also makes one look sober. A warmer brown or darker purple, blue shade can also work out pretty good in situations like these.

It is not always most suitable to look imposing or stand out in workplace environment. For instance, if you want to appear more approachable to your team or college mates, you can wear white or lighter shades of pink and violet. These shades present tranquility and neutrality. They also make one look more pleasant, friendly and approachable. White is often related with purity so this can make people be less suspecting of you and trust you easily. White is also a very fresh color. It would be very suitable to wear to create great first impressions. It makes one seem interesting as it has an ability to strike out but at the same time it strikes out in a pleasant way that people like to look at. Meanwhile lighter shades of violet and pink can give you a tranquil energy. This makes people feel more comfortable around you as these colors are not imposing and make you blend in with the crowd. These colors were also traditionally related to femininity so wearing them often makes other assume you to be a gentler and nurturing person.

On the other side of the coin, we all have rather dull days where all we want to do is get our worked done and not have any interactions with anyone in our workplace. A dull grey color is often considered to be too bland and boring. This makes you look extremely passive and gives you very little attention. The attention directed your way might be discouraged by the dreary grey color. Hence it would not encourage much conversations or energetic interactions.

By far, the color ranked highest by color specialists in terms of its utility in workplace environment is green. If we look at nature, green represents life. Trees and plants are the reason human beings can breathe. They have a lot of use for the ecology of the planet but not only that, they make earth look extremely pleasant. Without greenery, our world would have hardly any beauty. For that reason, the color is considered in our subconscious mind is one that encourages creativity, supports life and has a very positive influence in everyone’s lives collectively. In that case, most shades of green will have a good impact on your creative ability, interactions and energy. This will also make others consider you reliable and look up to you for advices and opinions.

What colors you should choose to wear at work is not such a black and white matter! This also has a lot to do with your actual personality and temperament. You can wear a dull, grey color but still be very entertaining and exciting. Likewise, you can wear a bright yellow but still be down in the dumps. Wearing blue might not stop you from being the angriest person in the room. You might wear red and get no attention at all! Hence the choice of colors may or may not compliment your personality. But personalities are not necessarily one-dimensional either. So choose whichever side you wish to explore more off and which one you would rather shed off. Sometimes you need a little sunny to brighten up your day and sometimes a little blue to cool off.

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