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Why Madrassa Students are Easy Target of Sexual Abuse?

The question we must ask every Pakistani living in our society is that is the Madrassas only institution or group of individuals where such incidence of sexual abuse take place unfortunately it’s not. It’s very much untrue indeed we see very few or negligible cases in Madrassas but as the white sheet or clothes are more visible to our naked eye and if there is a single black spot it will stand out and it will be highlighted and for this particular reason and because Madrassas has a key role to play in our Muslim society and our lives we have to take care of it on serious note and must strive to save its sanctity in a Muslim society.

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The Madrassas are no exception, we should always nip the evil in the bud. In Shariah we need to stop the evil by giving severe punishment once the person is caught and proved guilty no matter, he belongs to which ever institution. The Madrassas students also lack all extra-curricular activities that any other school student might be doing. The single track and too much pressure on child may cause frustration and if there is no one to listen and provide support to the child he may become a victim of self-isolation with insecure personality who will always hesitate or become a shy student and may not act as a normal child and will stick to its own world and space. It’s not only the Madrassas but also hostel roommates, prison cells etc. could be among the sexual victims as well.

The cases of sexual abuse do happen for a reason because all social evils, sexual orientation can be related to as all humans have an animal instinct present inside. It’s a desire to fulfill one’s sexual needs not in a way that is acceptable in any liberal, conservative or religious society and it’s also against all the social norms of any society that is based on morality and ethics.

These sorts of incidents also do happen in all religious sects across the world and communities but we must take care of our own house rather than blaming others or starting a blame game instead of rectifying the issue and taking all positive steps needed that would help stop such issues or incidents in future.

If Allah Tallah has forbidden us to discuss personal sexual life of Husband and wife to friends and family as it is not for the public and may affect our personal life and relationship similarly an  individual act done by any Madrassa student or elder (representing Deen must be condemned) but must not be discussed, broadcast openly for debate in public as it gives a negative message to our younger generation and our Muslim world, society, nations, that all institutions weather political or religious are corrupt and evil and its better stay away from them all.

We already are far away from Deen and teachings of Islam and life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, the only institution that can save us in this world and hereafter and we have a greater responsibility towards it is the Madrassas and Masjid that teaches us Islam otherwise the consequences may lead to further deterioration in Muslim society. We must stop here and must not destroy our institutions by our own hands if we are not contributing to build these institutions.

Just for the understanding purpose in any progressive or non-progressive society many other similar incidents do happen no matter if we talk about any factions of life or institutions but in fact l it’s not highlighted it will damage the collective image of that institution. If the similar incident takes place in a school, college, hostel, barracks or hospital, factory, office etc. we try to keep it with us and do not become a mouthpiece as we do not want our children to perceive any negative image of the institution. These institutions are required for our survival in the world we live in today and we need to save them, improve them and therefore this is the reason we rationalize their importance every time we speak and try to defend their existence.

It’s a collective dilemma that we live in Muslim society but still have weaknesses as individuals and at institutional level. We also have many social evils present in our society like family violence, youth crime, drugs and sexual abuse incidents but they also exist in nearly all societies, communities’ religions across the globe. Weather it’s a rural or urban, area, illiterate or literate class, male or female gender or we belong to any social class, profession or cultural background it is there and cannot be denied.

In a society where the fundamental needs of some are met and some strive for it, unfortunately we must blame our societal discriminations, our socio-economic differences, absence of rule of law, living with Islamic rituals absence of teachings of Islam and not practicing its values these are the factors that contribute to all social ills and we certainly cannot deny it.

If someone steals or indulges in any sexual act the state punishment is severe and so is the Islamic ruling. The law says to cut one hand or in other case stoning to death if someone indulges in Zina after marriage the reason being he had other options to fulfil his / her desires and have done something that must not prevail and may create imbalance in any society. Therefore, Islamic law wants to make an example out of it so no one dares to do it again and therefore the law and order must be implied to serve the justice. But we have to account for why he/she did it, the real reason for the actions and all factors that can be attributed to the evil act and we as a society must address and stop it before we start giving punishment of such severity to individuals. If the state can take care of the basic needs of each individual like health, food, shelter, education clothing and marriage etc. only then it will be implied.

Our lives as Muslims are based on two different paths, if we follow teachings of Ambiya and choose the straight path. It is a path of Hidayat and ultimate success of Dunya and Akhirah. The Imaan is the only virtue that will stop us from all evils and sins that we do in individual capacity or being part of a society. It’s like a bulb if we have electricity and enough voltage the bulb will give enough light that is required and once the voltage drops or you shut down electric current no more light from the bulb.

Among many social scientists and their naive followers in absence of wisdom may believe that all social evils, crime may exist due illiteracy and poverty but not lack of faith. But in fact, it’s incorrect when Deen and Imaan comes into our lives it does not matter if we are poor and illiterate we will stop from Haram and will please Allah all times or will not stray from Deen and it’s an ultimate closure to every evil. The Arabs became an example for the rest of the world once they got Imaan and became practicing Muslims by the effort of our beloved Nabi PBUH.

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