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Gloomy Spells in Life

Stress and DepressionHuman mood fluctuates from time to time. Feeling pleased and happy is generally the outcome of favouring incidents. Even a bit of ordinary success brings soothing pleasure. Having a nice day pleases and suffering from irritating odds causes distaste of temperament. Problems of business and job directly affect human behaviour and sometimes the adversely affected people show temper and odd behaviour even with family members at home. Reverse is also true and troubles and serious differences of opinion at home forecast an uneven day at business or workplace. Process of daily life being a subject of hour to hour dealing with matters of problems and solutions, maturity demands that day’s or week’s undulations must be contained with a dominating calm and family members and people around must receive a smooth surface. Short tempered people not only cause instant distress to themselves and others, howsoever short lived, but also serve a bit of harm to their own blood pressure and consequently the palpitations. A regular routine of getting affected by daily circumstances is sure to suffer individual’s business, job and health. Within months he might be visiting the physicians for more than one trouble including complaints of disorder of sleep, stomach, headache etc. The chemicals of the medicines will play their own negative role and things might go from bad to worst. It will be extremely lucky for any such person if he visits a doctor / physician who is honest and sincere enough to conclude the troubles apparently related to psychiatrist. In low literacy states such honesty and sincerity on the part of a physician is very rare and if achieved will be not less than a miracle. In poor states most of the medical professionals make mines out of the resources of the patients for their luxurious kingly lifestyle. Chemical medicines and drugs do partly heal diagnosed ailments with induction of new damages to human body parts which they generally call side effects, whereas those are actually to become front effects in course of time. So everybody must learn for his potential healthy life to tame a cool mind, courageously contain odds, have balanced diet sans overeating and attach sensitive importance to regular daily exercises for at least 15 minutes continuous period. If acted upon with strict discipline, the routine works wonders. In all circumstances happy and considerate behaviours at home, at workplace, and at business must be maintained.

EmersonOver above all problems of active life there is a problem that shakes a person to depth. This problem is getting over powered by a gloom absolutely without any reason or any bad news whatsoever. For some time for some people this gloom is killing and getting tired of its repetitions during the month or forthright, some of them think of committing suicide whereas some actually go for it. Ladies and gentlemen! Listen to the good news if you have not come across it so far that OCCASIONAL GLOOM WITHOUT ANY REASON is a sure sign of good normal mental health. It is the mental hospital where all the individuals are always happy all the time. They do not have cards but they are seen playing cards. They do not have any instruments but they are enjoying playing music in the air. They don’t have the audience but they are making speeches. They don’t have a cup but they are sipping out of it with regular put and down movements of their hand. So friends! Rest assured that PERIODIC GLOOM WITHOUT ANY REASON is sign of perfect good mental health. The great philosopher Emerson (1803 – 1882 AD) confirmed this fact many decades earlier. The gentleman did a great service to mankind by endorsing his confirmation about this God made routine for mankind’s temperament.

A very senior officer of a government department, during one of my visits gravely mentioned that he was extremely upset due to periodic gloomy spells over powering him absolutely without any reason or cause. He told me that pinched to heart he sometimes thought of committing suicide. I soothed him and told him that there was very good news for him. He intensely gazed at me thinking that I had been enjoying his misery. When I quoted the statement of Emerson he instantly jumped to his feet and hugged me. Then getting relief he thanked me and told me that he will never forget the way I had helped him. Even after that meeting he kept thanking me for this precious information.

These healthy periodic spells generally expire within 2 to 3 days and a person comes out of the gloom. During the period of gloom one must keep himself busy. If he does not have any job to do, he must create some activity for himself howsoever trivial, to keep busy. Nobody can ever produce an excuse for no job because there are always so many activities to be performed beyond the business / duty place. So there are no more justifications or excuses for not choosing an activity.

Now something extra ordinary remains to be mentioned in this context. Sometimes a gloomy spell extends quite unusually. Mind you that it is not the usual spell related to normal mental health. It might be a token of curse in return for bad deeds composing of dishonesty, usurpation, injustice, cruelty, unjustifiable harm to anybody, etc. Relief from such a spell demands redeeming the bad deeds or at least applying some types of curing substitutes. If the mind is unable to recollect what wrong is the source of this punishment, one must pray to Almighty for forgiveness. In extreme helplessness there are instructions in divine Holy Books of recognised religions that do work. It must be remembered that drinks, drugs and clubs will only increase the impact of such suppressions and the person is sure to lose instead of achieving any benefits, in this regard. Psychiatrist will be of no help in such troubles. He can only divert your attentions for a few hours as a result of depriving you of a good amount of money out of your pocket as consultation fee. So please save your money for your family and follow above stated result oriented guidelines.

Whatever be the type of gloomy spell and whatever be the remedial measures adopted by you, learn and manage to keep yourself very busy till going to bed daily. There are a good number of blessing activities to be indulged in after business / job matters. Help the children in character building and education, take up revising your decoration setup at home, simply sit and closely watch the movements of birds and animals, visit friends or neighbours or call them at coffee, study material of your taste, avoid television and trim and maintain the plants of your lawn, etc.


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