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Collapsing Human Societies

Behavioral Sink, Disoriented Preferences and Pursuit of Wrongs

Modern human societies are in danger of implosion due to unhealthy modifications in the natural fabrication of life. High rate of psychological disorders, increasing crimes, increasing divorce rates, social inadaptability, introvert and moody temperaments, malicious “rights” movements such as feminism, atheism, nudism, LGBTQ, religious extremists, skin color and ethnicity conflicts, all these are signs of disturbance and loss of equilibrium. Too much privileges given to one community, race, gender, can never bring fruitful results, because any such group first terrorizes & hurts others close to it and later collapses from the inside. History has witnessed several human civilizations which achieved the panicle of success in terms of resources, luxury, convenience, but later perished, because there was no motivation, no compassion, no sense of struggle or experience of difficulties, lack of sense of social obligations. Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Romans, etc. all these civilization reached at the best of their times but could not prevail because their reality of life went out of focus. Present day humans need to learn from the history.

Today, the way we are raising our children is not going to help them in the future, the males are being raised as females, with a sense of comfort and convenience, weak protective instinct, loss of territorial and tribal ownership qualities, very little or no skills in hand. And females are being raised as an icon of fashion industry, for showbiz & glamour, a product & consumer of cosmetics industry, overly pampered, dazzled & befooled with very less motherly instinct and with very less dedication to commitment, unsatisfied from everything and mildly aggressive all the time.

There were several social, ethological experiments conducted in 20th century to understand the future of human civilization. In all of these experiments, the traits of destruction of a society are same and can be identified in the modern human society. All we need to do is learn from these studies and adopt precaution to avoid extinction.

The Universe 25 experiment is one such experiment, said to be the most terrifying experiments in the history of science, not in sense of its practice but the results it produced. It was a well thought attempt by scientists to explain the functioning and evolution of human societies, through the behavioral study of a colony of Mice. — The idea came from an American scientist John Calhoun, who in the experiment, created an Ideal World for the mice, in which hundreds of mice would live and reproduce. Calhoun built the so-called “Paradise of Mice”, a specially designed space where rodents had abundance of food and water, as well as a large living space. In the beginning, he placed four pairs of mice that in a short time began to reproduce, resulting in their population growing rapidly. However, after 315 days their reproduction began to decrease significantly. When the number of rodents reached 600, a hierarchy was formed between them and then the so-called “wretches” appeared. The larger rodents began to attack the group, with the result that many males begin to collapse psychologically. As a result, the females were unable to protect themselves and in turn became aggressive towards their young. As time went on, the females showed more and more aggressive behavior, isolation elements and lack of reproductive mood. There was a low birth rate and, at the same time, an increase in mortality in younger rodents. Then, a new class of male rodents appeared, the so-called “beautiful mice”. They refused to mate with the females or to “fight” for their space; all they cared about was food and sleep. At one point, “beautiful males” and “isolated females” made up the majority of the population. According to Calhoun, the death phase consisted of two stages: the “first death” and “second death.” The former was characterized by the loss of purpose in life beyond mere existence, no desire to mate, raise young or establish a role within the society. As time went on, young mortality reached 100% and reproduction reached zero. Among the endangered mice, homosexuality was observed and, at the same time, cannibalism increased, despite the fact that there was plenty of food. Two years after the start of the experiment, the last baby of the colony was born, and there was no further growth, therefore all population died and the colony perished.

There was a series of such experiments from 1958 to 1962 and later repeated the same in 1968 to 1972, about 25 different experiments were conducted with the same result in the end, proved it inevitable. —- Calhoun’s scientific work has been used as a model for interpreting social collapse, and his research serves as a focal point for the study of urban sociology.

We are currently witnessing direct parallels in today’s society. Where are we going?


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