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Negotiation with TTP Made Model

“We had been busy in saving our doors from Termites. It was later discovered that some worms of chairs hollowed the whole home”.

Gullu Butt in Action

Gullu Butt in Action

To start with, examine following activities of the governing team members, in the light of democracy and constitution as well as in the light of civilized behavior on the sacred negotiation table, in this advanced era of civilized etiquettes, and form an opinion about Pakistani rulers’ and politicians’ interpretations and respect for democracy and the constitution:-

  1. On the negotiating table, one of the rulers’ representative threatened an Inqlab participant with following words: ‘Bahir aoo, main tumhain bataon ga’ (Come out, l’ll ‘tell’ you) –– Disclosed by Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in his evening speech of August 24, 2014.
  2. Dirtiest false propaganda being spread in all localities of illiterate masses, about the leaders and members of Inqlab.
  3. Rulers’ white lie about IG Mr. Cheema as disclosed by his son Mr. Temur Cheema –– informed by Mr. Imran Khan during his evening address of August 24, 2014.
  4. Extreme physical and mental hardships of the participants of Inqlab / March being used for party advertisement of every political party, pitiably begging for attention.
  5. Statements of Mr. Muhammad Afzal Khan, Ex-Additional Secretary Election Commission, about large scale rigging of elections, are far more appalling than disclosed so far.


Rulers’ approach for negotiations with Inqlab / March bears every posture of negotiations carried out with TTP weeks ago. Those negotiations were being controlled from outside because calm and tranquility in Pakistan is against the pre settled targets of foreign controllers. Perhaps they are right to some extent. They have poured trillions of dollars over to Pakistan since 1954 when Pakistan innocently got entrapped into collaboration with the West. Pakistani rulers / politicians were superfluously grateful to get entrapped, thinking that such strong group of countries wanted their help. They never thought that they were being pushed to dense mud pond from which exist is impossible. These same well wishers were controllers of talks with TTP although results were pre settled and pre ordered. The Yes-men reared by foreign powers could never cross limits that had been pre settled.

Same TTP pattern has now become the routine with the government although the foreign power is not party to that. Offer is from the government side, approach is from the government side and push is also from the government side. Unfortunately the government side has got habituated to the style of talks carried out with TTP. They have got accustomed to prolong the tenure of meetings to exhaust the Inqlab / March participants. It is assessed that members of Inqlab / March teams clear headedly know what the government team suffers from. They are only meeting the government so that citizens and foreigners may not have a say for condemning the Inqlab / March attitude.

The whole system of running the government is founded on corruption based research and strategies. Citizens are suffering badly. Poor or deprived of even the minimum nourishing diet. Poor are badly suffering from diseases. On the other hand looters are only worried about constructions and maintenance of their domestic and foreign residences. The government is prolonging the meetings because its members are afraid that all secrets of corruptions will get into air subjecting them to judicial verdict. In such circumstances how the talks can be result oriented.

An MPA of Sialkot, who is a qualified graduate engineer and also one of the top exporters, carried out many development works in his area, quality of which has never been seen in any other area in 70 years. He differed with the leader of present government and deserted the party. He has raised one of the highest and largest sign board by the side of highway which reads: ‘We had been busy in saving our doors from Termites. It was later discovered that some worms of chairs hollowed the whole home’. No sincere patriotic politician can go with corrupts and incompetent. Only incompetents and share holders in corruptions can go with the rulers.

The martyrs of independence have been betrayed. The prime leader of Independence movement has been betrayed. The whole country and its poor have been betrayed. Money, riches and luxury are motto of rulers / politicians. They think the country had been awarded in a golden tray with salutes.

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