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Pakistani Politicians’ Confessions of Incompetence

bribingIt stands to be a stunning catastrophe that the educated and illiterate lot of Pakistani citizens equally ignores Pakistani politicians’ confessions of incompetence, whereas the world’s vigilant politicians receive these as rare pieces of amusement and free entertainment. Pakistani politicians additionally resort to undeclared confessions that they grab the ruling chairs and Assembly seats for VIP status, securities, development funds and foreign debts and alms and not at all for courting the headache of solving decades’ old problems. They have additionally confessed that all of them, without exception of a single, have always been skies away from the competence of honourable Mahatheer Muhammad of Malaysia and honourable leaders of Iran as well as patriotic leaders of the entire world community, because they are committed to Yes-man-ship that most of other foreign leaders reject.  Here is a short list of statements taken out of dozens repeated from time to time during the last 70 years:-

  1. ‘We have inherited these problems’ –– Leading a nation demands minute to minute alertness for facing ever new internal and external problems. Job is not for sluggish and lethargic for merely enjoying the VIP status, securities, salutes and meals at the cost of public funds. Statement ‘we inherited these problems’ aired second time must disqualify the person from office and this may be made constitutional, because he declares that he is not responsible for solutions of these problems.
  2. ‘Treasury is empty’ –– A statement issued by every new government during the very first week of taking the oath of governance.
  3. ‘Pakistan is at a critical stage of history’ –– A statement uttered more than once during every government’s tenure.
  4. ‘The biggest problem of Pakistan is corruption’ –– The statement is transferred to the next government during the handing over / taking over ceremony.
  5. ‘We are working for the future generations’ –– Since 1947 the generations have seen inch by inch fall and deterioration related to education, health, railways, electricity, gas, canals, law & order, civil security, disruption by sex crimes, devaluation of currency, welfare of minorities especially the Hindu community of Sindh in Tharparkar and remote villages. Rulers don’t spare time to visit the remote areas of the state to assess the problems of 85% population in the country. All the citizens of remote parts of Pakistan have been reduced to status of minorities irrespective of religion and belief.

The account of compromising the interests of the state, citizens and future generations has been highly appalling. Yes-man-ship for the West in 100% foreign affairs and about 50% internal affairs has been the continued attitude of Pakistani rulers and politicians. Here are a few examples of surrendering 100% foreign policy:-

  • Forced military participation against Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait, whereas the situation was a pre settled affair between the West and Iraq related to invasion of Iran by Iraq.
  • Prolonged silence during massacre of Palestinians by Israel.
  • Never giving even an iota of appreciation for successes of North Korea.
  • Squeezed arms against wide open arms of China.
  • Highly restricted approach to modern Russia.
  • Tight lips on invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Tight lips on historical debacle of the collective power of NATO in Afghanistan.
  • Public deceiving statements against drone strikes inside Pakistan.
  • Continuously postponing and suspending agreements and commitments with Iran.

What is meant by every newly elected PM’s compulsory visit to America to appear before president of USA? What are the diplomatic missions for? In matters of about 50% surrender of internal affairs, the sequence follows:-

  1. If a Pakistani kills an American, the Pakistani will have to be handed over to America for execution.
  2. If an American kills or tries to kill Pakistanis, in that case also the killer American will have to be handed over to America by any type of dramatic sets. Raymond Davis, American killers of 2 dozen of Pakistanis at Afghan border.
  3. No Pakistani law will obstruct movements of American agents throughout Pakistan.
  4. Pakistanis will have no authority in checking American containers headed for Afghanistan.
  5. Pakistan must raid South Waziristan.
  6. Pakistan must raid Swat.
  7. Pakistan must raid North Waziristan.
  8. Pakistan has no right to be in contact with Haqqani network.

Freedom achieved during 1947, at exceptionally extra ordinary cost, was surrendered over to West in 1954 by joining SEATO & CENTO. Right from 1960, flashes of the blunder started coming up. Generations have been adversely affected and the future citizens are in impending risks. India saved its freedom and its generations because they were wise enough not to repeat the blunder made by Emperor Shah Jahan. SEATO-CENTO have expired but interference in all over affairs of Pakistan continues more and more. When a rich sector approaches a poor people under guise of help it speaks of something. Surrender of freedom meant surrender of everything possessed by the state and the citizens. Here are some factors behind the courteous collaborations:-

  1. Series of Yes-men rulers were trained and hypnotised to agree for using Pakistan army as and when required by America.
  2. American interference in overall political behaviours of Pakistan. For external affairs the state has been totally paralysed. Relations with China stand to be outstanding contribution by Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who defied Yes-man-ship courageously at the cost of his life. Internally political and sensitive posts are subject to approval of America.
  3. Financial aid to a state is never humanitarian. It is to eliminate ‘no’ in desires related to donor. As a by product, when free financial resources pour in, the incentive for struggle to progress and research perishes. BRB Link Canal will always remain to be a model of self help and self reliance.
  4. Foreign debts abiding by a dirty discipline of regularity and continuity is a usurping trap to overpower peoples under supremacy of corrupt, illiterate and incompetent politicians joining politics as source of collecting illegal riches under the tent of democracy. To kill a husband the wife is required to advise him for regular qualities of saturated fats. To kill and paralyse a nation, heavy doses of debts will work. Inspite of huge foreign debts, Pakistan is heading down to abyss of deterioration and disruption. Iran rejected and denounced Yes-man-ship and in three decades period it has achieved amazing targets of peaceful scientific and technical research not known in its history.

Universal truth stands: ‘Corruptions always descend from top down to bottom’. Mankind has never experienced and will never experience the reverse of it. When state of corruptions persist or boost, it doubtlessly concludes that governance body has acquired power through illegitimate and manipulative tactics, whatever the political system may be. Steady progresses of multi directional crimes do speak of something. Unobstructed regularity in decoities, extortion, abductions, street crimes, illegal occupation of properties, intimidation of peaceful citizens and abduction and rape of daughters of poor families, indicate that whole country’s population has been divided into sectors, each of which has been secretly given in control of vagabonds regularly funding the rulers out of the loots. It certifies and settles that all the governance members, without exception of a single, bear absolutely unreliable attitude towards the citizens whose honour, lives, properties and possessions are in danger moment by moment. This is the stage when interference of judiciary and defence becomes compulsory and binding.

Here under are research sectors in which Pakistani rulers ‘generously’ contributed to the disgrace and mockery of finding a new state on the basis of nucleus principles frequently stated at the start and during the entire struggle of independence movement, viz ‘Muslims are a separate nation’ and ‘separate homeland for Muslims’:-

  1. Female nurseries including female babies for training and persuasion towards display of naked body parts according to the demands of the advertisements. These nurseries are devised on the pattern of studios in Mumbai, a city deserted by us for the fundamental –– Muslims are separate nation. On one hand the international law about child labour is violated and on the other hand the sacred say –– Muslims are separate nation –– is trampled regardlessly. Among the female babies who continue in this dingy profession, few emerge without derailed sex life, additionally risking themselves to VDs and HIV+. In the process adult models, comperes and news casters (news caters have been forcibly pushed to lot of models) have invented down slipping collar for curiosity of our children. There are extra tall V collar, tall parabolic collar, semi circle collar and slit peep collar, all slipping down and down. Then there are sieve masked sleeves for shady looks into the stench pocket of armpits. Keeping in mind –– Muslims are separate nation –– and –– separate homeland for Muslims –– the getup of newscasters, comperes and models is shockingly obedient to styles in Mumbai, a city of the country we separated from. News casters especially appear to be more vulgar than newscasters of Door Darshan, BBC and Sky News. Their decoration by dense wigs / hair, sometimes cover 60% of the face, produces voiceless prodigious laughs against –– Muslims are separate nation. Would you like to visit Iran and so many other countries to get a glimpse of what –– Muslims are a separate nation –– really means? You violate dogma of creation of Pakistan, you certainly go against Pakistan. All this design research for local models has been brought to state’s TV screen in rebellious defiance against the cultural and religious, and social setup of a country, where 100% men always dress up to neck (verily all men in East and West dress up to neck) and 99% females of all religions and beliefs dress up to chin or up to head. Bikini and semi bikini displays are brought to state’s screen for more business without least respect to the principle leaders’ words –– Muslims are separate nation.
  2. Outstanding progress in poetry. There are at least a dozen poets in every street and every village of the country. In case of a general, commanding the revolution of 1857, in place of poet Bahadur Shah Zafar, subcontinent would have been independent a century earlier. Poetry is only justifiable for blinds and physically disabled individuals, if at all necessary. Poet’s tender pats lead to unproductive, hypothetical and false illusions.
  3. Research and progress in singing. We have exported quite some singers over to India. People don’t have anything to do. These people have enough time to sit and keep singing for research in new tones when trappers are at their toes to grip the whole nation.
  4. There is outstanding research in corruptions and misappropriations. Top researchers dodge institutions and leave no clue. The research work continues for safe storing of looted riches. Details for tactics of this heinous research need a book for explicit examples and strategies. Corruption in Pakistan has penetrated to every nook of government departments involving as sacred a department as that for Hajj arrangements. Where nothing works, the looter pays heavy amounts as bribe. There are people whose only sources of income are variety of illegal means. When questioned about their kingly way of living, they shamelessly say that they are big exporters. When scrutinised, it is discovered that there is no record to any export to support their claim. The only export they do is payment of illegal parts of their loot over to figures in power capable of giving them coverage. The game has entered into an era of declared open operations for which concerned institutions have been supressed.
  5. Pakistan holds the honour of invention of term –– vote bank –– which has become laboratory of all social evils. Vote bank sensitivity trespasses merit, competence and productive efficiency. It kills incentive for contribution to national interests. It devours entry of capable people to manage national progress. As a by-product it causes production of many tensions in the social system. Efforts to maintain the vote bank by hook or crook, fair and foul and legal or illegal, aim at bringing the family members into governance status howsoever destructive they may prove due to incompetence of superlative degree. On the other hand a selfless sincere governance leadership works and works and leaves the opinions to the citizens, caring a fig fog the vote bank. This concludes that vote bank allergy is an evil to befool the people and their generations to keep them glued to a particular group of politicians and their families’ irrespective of their competence and quality of performance. The end can never be different from that of Husni Mubarak, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, etc.
  6. A sizeable portion of World Bank and ADB development funds is taken back in form of salaries and allowances of groups of foreign experts whereas, at the most, only 3 to 4 foreign experts are sufficient to supervise the proper use of funds. Pakistani experts are competent enough for engineering applications. During settlement of award of funds for a project, the deputed Turkish team refused to accept even a single foreign expert. Ironically the funds were allocated according to conditions of Turkish team. Turkish team very well knew that award of funds was an even necessity of the funding body. A customer and a shop keeper share fifty-fifty benefits. So they took the stand and escaped the trap. There is not even a gesture of any similar stand in case of Pakistan. All development funds have always been acquired on hundred percent conditions of the funder.

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