Saturday, February 24, 2024

Media with a Mission in Islami Jamhuria Pakistan


No legislation against Quran & Sunna.

Media making use of the constitutional obligation, trespassing the norms of cultural and religious values. 100% believers of every religion, in the country, are strictly conservative. No Hindu, Budh, Christian, Muslim or Sikh can tolerate disgraceful act of insulting women by display of their nakedness.

Presumable pretexts on the part of media have answers from the citizens:-

1- Other countries displaying women nakedness:

No other country has been created by cutting a section of the territory of a state called Mother India and Bharat Mata.

2- Artistic information:

Mere imitations rebel. Mere copying is confession to deeply saturated sense of slavery and suppressed mentality. Create your own space. Create your own colours.

3- Art and fashion generate a part of economical progress and employment:

Gambling and business of narcotics also generates economic gains and employment.

Art and Fashion based on displaying nakedness of women in conservative societies, boost sex crimes and abductions. justifications of creating a new country demand new nation building steps. Who can value displaying naked parts of women on pretext of art or fun.


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