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Anti Ideology Political and Media Activities in Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam (Writer himself is fond of fashion designs, songs, music and art. One of his children is creative fashion designer. The contents of his article below are in search of justice to the national and international commitments.)

Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and members of his team, struggling for an independent state for Muslims, never imagined about the nine disasters to happen:-

1- The volume of massacre of Muslims and abduction and dishonoring of 90,000 Muslim women. Slaughter of innocent women and men of Hindu and Sikh community.

2- Continuation of massacre of Muslims in Kashmir andIndia(Ahmadabadyear 2002).

3- So called politicians, political parties and sections of media openly violating the ideology of creation ofPakistanand actively insulting the traditional cultural values of the region, in reckless efforts to wash away citizens’ identity and integrity as Pakistanis.

Naked / semi naked postures of women published / displayed anywhere in the world initiate top priority responsibility of Pakistani media to show it to the youngsters in every home of Islami Jamahiriya Pakistan. This is in deliberate effort for promotion of sex crimes for more and more news items.

For cheap popularity, the politicians will talk of every political system other than Islamic for which the country was created.

There are talks and talks for popularity and approach to power chair, but there is absolutely no worry about the agricultural and technological research and development of pertinent supporting factors.

4- Instead of building up of a national identity based on our cultural and religious values, persistent persuasions for adoption of Western ways of living will be undertaken at all levels.

5- Dictators and democratic dictators behaving to be monarchs by inheritance, publically demonstrating derogatory attitudes about respectable institutions of the state.

6- Dictators and democratic dictators impressing the citizens by their luxurious standards of living and their dresses more costly than those of the rulers of countries providing debts and aid (Alms) toPakistan.

Persons of any status and caliber aiming at impressing other persons by their standards of luxurious living and their costly dresses are relics of Before Christ era, as strategy of such tactics ended forever with the arrival of Jesus Christ (PBUH). Those not changing will always continue to meet disgraceful disastrous end.

As ruler of major part of Arabian Peninsula, all aspects of Muhammad’s (PBUH) life were so simple and economical that some visitors could not control tears recollecting the standards of living of contemporary rulers of the adjoining states.

7- Political and social discrimination amongst various provinces. Resources of a province processed outside the province, depriving the people of employment chances.

8- A- Very careless attitude towards highly conservative tribal belts, who opted to joinPakistandue to promises of Islamic umbrella only.

B- No practical efforts for abolishing the term ‘schedule cast’. No active legal support to the sections of minorities, especially Hindu community, for providing them with sound security and justice against the excesses of landlords.

As Muslims we are supposed to provide honor and respect to every member of minority to make them whole heartedly proud of Pakistan and to make them confident that their decision to remain in Pakistan was absolutely right.

9- Double nationality MPAs, MNAs, Ministers and Prime Ministers, far more sincere to the interests of foreign nationality than interest for Pakistani nationality.

Thoroughly examining their case in relation to the process of creation of ideological state of Pakistan, it will be concluded that, their participation in Pakistani political setup at any level, must be banned forever, even if they surrender their foreign nationalities.

Mass Murder of Mulims 1947 It is said that Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah never wept in life, except for two occasions. First, while viewing the belongings of Rati Jinnah and second, while listening to the sad narratives of massacre from Muslims migrating to Pakistan.

People of any caliber devoid of ever lasting respect for martyrs, sacrificing everything for justice and fundamental rights anywhere on earth, are not loyal to any faith or any divine book.

As a young boy of eleven years of age, when I used to distribute meals and necessities of daily use to shocked, hungry, injured and sick immigrants crossing over to Sialkot, I never thought that the very cause of their sacrifices will be forgotten. And the only cause of their sufferings and sacrifices was an independent Muslim state with Islamic values of living for generations to come.

It has been proved that we do not have any respect for our martyrs, who sacrificed everything only and only for the Islamic state. If such attitudes persist, our survival as honorable Pakistanis is not possible. Pakistan, the altar of martyrs, demands application of Islamic values and elimination of all types of un-Islamic activities going on. Socio political stability in Iran during the last 30 years is the outcome of respect for the martyrs of revolutions. Iranians have proved that they own everlasting respect for the sacrifices of the people and that they will never let it go waste.

According to research based on the contents of Holly Books, souls of deceased are affected positively or negatively by the circumstances of their living fellow beings. Souls of innocent victims of horrible massacre and the souls of survivals shocked to madness till death, suffer from agony of unimplemented commitments about Islamic ways of living in Pakistan. Just on the opposite female modeling, fashion shows, theaters and posture of newscasters / compeers on TV vehemently dominate for the anti Islamic atmosphere against the state’s Constitution (Article 2A).

Partition Genocide Let somebody refresh the process of procurement of Pakistan while there is no check or remorse to open violations against its very ideology:-

1- Territory of Bharat Mata, a compact unit for thousands of years, was not divided due to points of difference regarding fashion designs, singing terminologies and music.

2- There was a struggle with sense of responsibility for ideology and independence. Now 70 years later, there is a struggle for unpaid services for propagation and promotion of alien etiquettes of daily and yearly life starting from Mama / Papa over to ‘Happy Birthday to you’ in rhythm and tone 100 percent copy of the West and Mumbai.

3- Creation of Pakistan for Islamic values of Muslims, in itself becomes a constitutional clause that prohibits using women as figure of sex and entertainment and displaying their naked body parts for earning money. Promoters of such heinous business inflict insult on women of all religions and as such do not deserve Pakistani citizenship.

4- Hundred percent Pakistani women of all religions (Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh), cover their heads and bodies with due care. How the right of representation on TV / newspapers is usurped by women with flying dingy hair, naked shoulders and legs of foreign culture. This is an ugly violation against two sacred nucleus elements:-

a) Sacred Islamic values, the very basic of finding this country.

b) Dignity and self respect of Pakistani women.

If anybody asks the promoters of these styles, “Are you independent”, their most probable reply will be, “Not legally Sir”. So the cities’ education systems are dominated by Mama / Papa culture and the media is dominated by naked shoulders / legs culture.

These bows are not something serious for eating / sleeping / ending people, but these are serious setbacks to citizens conversant with the subjects of dignity and integrity of nations destined for survival with respect. What about the regulatory progress of the responsible bodies? Posture of Pakistani women deserves representation for newscasters and comperes.

Such un-interrupted activities against women within Pakistan are impossible without foreign funding. These point to highly intricate strategies for further disintegration of Pakistan.

5- Cultural and tradition values are source of check to sex crimes, whereas blind use to existing and upcoming scientific devices cause boost of multiple crimes disturbing tranquility of family lives, ultimately ending in disruption of solidarity of state. Pakistan already suffers from such disruption.

6- After according permission for a newspaper or a TV channel, it is the prime responsibility of the authorities to monitor its activities. Considerable time and space are specified for nakedness of women on pretext of fashion. This is in violation of our culture, religion and domestic ways of living. Such newspapers and channels promote foreign culture instead of our own ways of life, which doubtlessly represent human dignity and honour. Free service for Western culture is seen worst in newspapers affiliated with some foreign Daily or Journal.

7- To redress their grievance of getting separated from Mumbai culture, the heinous sections are putting in deliberate efforts to create Mumbai type slumps in every city of the country to achieve complete elimination of the very ideology of Pakistan. This is a fact Hades beyond the soothe of poetry.

Persons and bodies promoting women’s modeling in an ideological country like Pakistan, can be easily purchased and trained to work against the security of the state, simply on payment of a few more chips. Then in the garb of art and music, numerous teams of anti state agents will do unimaginable harm against the nation. It will be self deceit to think Lawrence of Arabia restricted to specific time or region. We don’t know how many teams have already been trained and given assignments.

8- In violation of Article 2A of the Constitution female modeling centers are being run for earning more and more money. For earning still more money, they are sure to bring forth far more naked postures. They abide by the motto, “Stealing is right, unless somebody checks it”.

9- Birth of this country is the result of justification of Islamic values of Muslims. Accordingly all Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Budh, Parsi and Gipsy women citizens are daughters of the nation, deserving even respect at all levels.

10- Creation of Pakistan for reasons of Islamic values settles its status as Islamic state once for all. Prefixing ‘Islamic’ before its name does not remain compulsory just as prefixing ‘Human being’ with name of a new born baby is not compulsory.

11- Highly conservative tribes of Baluchistan and Khyber PK opted to be part of Pakistan for one and single reason of surviving under Islamic umbrella. Atmosphere of displays of nakedness of women on TV, in newspapers and advertisements must encourage them to review their past decision. For the honour and security of their females they can cross all limits. At a stage when they get sure that they had been duped in declaration for Islamic umbrella, they are sure to start a serious struggle for withdrawing their past decision. In that case all kinds of arsenal are going to be failure to suppress them or bring them around.

Blessed with honourable relations of a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife, women deserve respect that ideology of finding this state demands. With Islamic Hijab women can achieve in every field of life including sports. Hijab uniform of Iranian women football team was duly approved by the authorities for their participation. Further, due to its multipurpose benefits, this uniform is now in considerable demand in many countries of world.

After embracing Islam and adopting perfect Islamic Hijab, renowned British journalist Avan Redley undertook the most dangerous journeys of Afghanistan on fact finding mission.

Atrocities against respect and dignity of women in Central Asian States are in process of recovery. Western atrocities of sex permissiveness in Iranian society have been abolished completely. Turkey and North African states are on way to normality.

Previous Prophecies of great Theologian of 20th century, Honourable Herbert Armstrong, have always proved exactly. Based on previous records, his Prophecy about the destructive results of widespread sexual permissiveness and sexual promiscuity are also sure to prove exact. This Prophecy is related to American society but it applies to all nations involved in sexual permissiveness in the society.

Woman is mother, sub-creator of generations of mankind. Decision about her posture and appearance is not the job of Saints, Scholars, Politicians or Industrialists because human wisdom and vision have a limit beyond which these cease to function. It is a matter to be decided by Almighty creator possessing boundless powers of all categories. His instructions on the subject are recorded with all recognized divine religions. It is ridiculous and disastrous to shape woman against the divine instructions. Provide status and honour to woman, advised by Almighty creator. This suggestion stands for all nations in general, but indispensably specific for Pakistan that has come to existence with disintegration of territory of Bharat Mata, on justifications of devising lifestyle according to divine instructions of Islam.


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