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Roots of Crimes

Social Reforms through Successful Parenting

Everything possessing characteristics of growth, development and yield, doubtlessly has roots. Crimes also definitely have roots. Resources, efforts and valuable time have been generously allocated to crimes that are being committed or have been committed. Continued research work and resources are needed to tackle the very roots of crime.

Particular factors contributing for the growth and development of crimes are:-

1- Parents’ negligence toward rearing responsibilities.

2- Sick relations between husband and wife.

3- Separation between husband and wife.

4- Child left to the mercy of relatives after death of parents.

5- Child deprived of dedicated teachers.

6- Persons deprived of justice.

7- Persons punished against totally false allegations.

8- Persons always in demand for more and more luxury at all costs, whereas, elements of luxury tend to infinity and can never get satiated.

9- Crimes created due to the corruption of top politicians and various persons of authorities in various government departments.

It is not easy to asses the state of mind of children and adults who have got to face the effects of any of above factors forming the roots of minor and major crimes. A lot of children and adults do not remain perfectly normal. A hidden desire for avenging the whole society is precipitated deep into their minds and whole of their behaviours and personality bear the impact of such hidden desires. An analysis of committed minor and major crimes as well as the criminals will justify the assumptions. The most pitiable lot exists in low literacy (High School graduates less than 85% of population) states of Africa and Asia. Special treatments by the judiciary, the government, the clergy and the educational setup are extremely imperative. Couples having children must make every possible adjustment for smooth relations for welfare of the generations. Government can start programs for parents and children for uneducated families. Educational institutions may guide the teenagers on the subject of responsibilities of a father and a mother. Clergy may provide spiritual guidance about the sanctity of married life.

Spiritual instructions are the source of success and happiness in all aspects of human life. Lap of a mother blessed with religious values has no substitute for successful life of a child. The child grows to be a thorough gentleman. So the most effective factor for proper rearing of children is that they must be brought around to follow religious teachings. All recognized religions, if studied, conveyed, and sincerely followed, help in producing thorough ladies and gentlemen. Children reared on religious teachings are found to be most well behaved, honest and sincere to fellow human beings. No religion, whatsoever, teaches crimes and misconduct. Every religious leader of every worship place, temple / church / mosque, must be legally disciplined to speak on religious instructions for rearing children as integral part of every sermon, at least once a week. Experience shows that instructions for rearing of children are not given prime importance during periodic gatherings in worship places. Religious teachings contained in religious books are fundamental for human character building from deep inside. No ethics devised by any person can substitute these for all times to come. Groups of ladies and gentlemen with basic spiritual guidance conspicuously impress everybody around them although they never intend to be different from others. If highly cultured and disciplined parents out of negligence towards effective rearing leave behind children who are source of troubles for all around, it will be a painful catastrophe.

Followers of Christianity exceed in number as compared to believers of other religions. Believers particularly reared and brought up on the guidance of Bible, posses characteristics and conduct appreciably impressive. Children, ladies and gentlemen of Amish community can be quoted as an example. Similar sections of ladies and gentlemen brought up on the instructions of their Holy Books continue to exist among believers of other recognized religions.

Uneducated parents deprived of religious guidance have their own quaint way of dealing with the children. In some sections of various societies, children are treated harshly and subjected to physical punishments on excuses of minor faults. Still further some families think that without tense frowns, children can not grow properly. As results of such type of odd attitudes, quite a number of children get dejected, seductive and rebellious. They start deceiving, pretending and blackmailing and subsequently become easy prey to various crimes.

Right from infancy over to puberty and teenage periods, children need instructions and guidance commensurate with age, with due regards to their personal respect. In cases of chances of arguing, the tone of suggestions should be polite and soundly reasonable. Tone must bear spirit of mutuality and credibility. Regards for girls must be specifically considerate, appealing and convincing. Mind you that they are going to be the future luck of the nation, the state and the generations, as also of the entire human community. Harsh and rigid behaviour of parents adversely affects the very psychology of the child. Disgusted he must be spoiled. Spoiled children intentionally or unintentionally fall prey to misconduct and various species of crimes. Criminals not only disturb the peace of society but also waste national resources and valuable time that can otherwise be fairly utilized in welfare of needy in the society as well as for the diseased and the suffering individuals.

There should be a family meeting at least once a week exclusively for hearing the children. They should be allowed and rather encouraged to express themselves freely and openly. One to one meeting with any of the parents, if demanded, may be appreciated for needed guidance and solutions to the problems. Illiterate parents must approach educated elderly ladies and gentlemen of the neighborhood and the locality in this regard. In bringing forth a crimeless atmosphere, they must be in readiness for helping the minors and school going kids. Fathers serving abroad must conduct this weekly meeting through telephone or by correspondence. With due regards to the importance of the guidance to the children, there must not be any excuse for not continuing this weekly meeting for constructing the future of the children. The weekly meeting will not only solve everybody’s problems but also create an atmosphere of goodwill and care for each other in the family.

In all circumstances rearing by parents is of prime importance. Character building by parents has deep rooted effects. The child faces the odds of life courageously and confidently and avoids negative temptations in decisive manner. He feels that his / her mother’s support accompanies him / her at every step.

There must be some government sponsored program for guiding the illiterate parents about rearing their children in cities, towns, and rural areas. Experts must prepare guidelines for this project. Staff of rural health services may be assigned the job of parents’ training on the basis of such guidelines. Newspapers should publish supplements guiding parents about their responsibilities for character building of the children. Mere singing of national songs cannot make strong disciplined nation.

If all above gestures are analyzed further and effectively employed practically, crimes can be considerably reduced within a period of five to seven years.

Developing and underdeveloped countries specifically need regular and continuous programs, suiting the culture and traditions of the citizens for child rearing. Properly reared and guided children are source of future citizens who not only contribute to the welfare of their own country but also promote human values for the entire world community.

In the end it will not be out of the way to mention some of the drawbacks engulfing citizens of most of developing and under developed countries:-

1- Waste of personal and natural resources merely for pump and show.

2- Fake statements without feeling least guilty.

3- Feeling superior to others.

4- Managed behaviour to impress others.

5- Undisciplined way of living.

6- Living sans cleanliness.

7- Not honouring the promises.

8- Not respecting rights of others.

9- Blind support for wrongs of relatives and close friends.

A South Asian engineer who went to Japan during year 1999 for advanced studies, states that he is deeply impressed by the Japanese rearing, training and guidance of their children. He said, ‘They are simply wonderful in this subject’.

A child grown to be adult with proper rearing based on the spiritual guidance must posses following characteristics in addition to other good qualities:-

1- Never manage to impress anybody whosoever. If somebody intentionally manages to impress others, he stands to be unfair. If people are impressed by somebody without any managed effort on his part, he posses the umbrella of Almighty God’s blessings. Life of Jesus Christ and lives of all prophets of God owned this quality. So many followers of various prophets are blessed with this quality.

While mentioning these characteristics we are compelled to remember Mahatma Ghandi (honourable Mohan Das Karamchand Ghandi) of India.

2- Helping others is never for receiving thanks or praise.

3- Never spend for display.

4- Never try to humiliate others.

5- Success is its own reward. Success is an encouragement all right but success is not to under estimate others.

6- God given qualities are Almighty’s blessing. These are also for source of benefit for others. These are not at all source of pride.

7- Never injure the sentiments of others.

8- In cases of attacks, use full force for self defense and not to injure or kill.

9- Concentrations for more and more progress for better to best help for others.

10- All expenses beyond basic necessities and fine taste are attributed to luxury which is mother of all evils and corruptions because luxury proceeds to infinity.

11- Never misuse weakness or drawbacks of any living being.

12- Everybody and everything is worth full.

Parental Guidlines

Lap of mother is the first school of a child


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