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Online Classes and Student Life

The post Covid-19 world is indeed bringing change in our lives as we have accepted the new reality. We are entering the new digital age with the arrival of 5G 20 GB/s data network speeds and its 20 times faster than outgoing 4G.

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The 5G will be very soon in our hand and it will happen once the global lockdown is over and pandemic comes to an end. Although we are yet to see the end of covid-19 everything is redefining itself across the world.

In this post covid-19 world the global transformation entering the 5G digital data network is the new reality, how we do our jobs, go out for shopping, our educational system and how we celebrate our occasions today.

The world has seen the most significant shift ever in the history of technology, a shift that will alter all socio-economic factors. It’s happening at a flashing speed and we must see from the bird’s eye view each factor that will change our lives and let’s be part of this new digital horizon.

We must adapt to this new reality as it will help us in our learning curve and we must act timely without waiting or just sit back and be naïve with the situation as the digital era is going to change everything very soon. The digital revolution has already started within our lives and we yet to see even more.

As the global lockdown is coming to an end, businesses across the world are trying even harder to close the gap for the damage done by the lockdown, the market seems to move too slow to close this gap as of today. We are going to see a noticeable change in our lifestyles, our spending pattern and priorities, our behavior pattern will also change and it’s the only reason we as humans have coexisted in various calamities in the evolutionary process.

New business models and frameworks are created for the survival of the existing businesses and to absorb the severe economic shock created by global lockdown we are trying to create more financially viable business models across all economies. The organizations have already started re-structuring themselves within the industry after encapsulating the great shift that we may call a “Covid-19 shift”.

We also see consumer buying behavior patterns are changing, consumer priorities have changed, new needs are being created and the whole diaspora is redefining itself and we can say the economic cycle will shift to new reality very soon.

The new norm of doing business is already in place, by putting social distancing practices in every business we have put an end to the economic discourse with an intention to restart the economic engine.

The conventional way of teaching methodology is now moving steadily towards e-learning platforms. We have also developed new frameworks for learning new concepts in a different way and it’s certainly a new concept that will be seen in our new e-learning school format. We can say it’s an evolution process that was not anticipated nor calculated.

The risk factor was also not measured in order to minimize the magnitude for its implication and gradual transition towards the new e-learning school system. It will affect our new world order at macro and micro level simultaneously.

It’s a new phenomenon where we do not have a physical classroom that used to exist not long ago, sitting together, playing together, teachers used to sit across the table and we all were present in the same space and one room.

The new educational system is evolving and with this new change all age group students will have e-learning classrooms eventually. The concept of e-learning is already in place in almost every developed country of the world. This change is happening with a much faster pace in developed countries and a similar pattern is being followed by under developed and third world countries as well.

A child of today starts his normal school day routine while sitting in his own room or some other place to avoid any disturbances during his class in front of a laptop. For a younger kid a single parent in some cases will sit next to the child for taking an on-line class together.

The classroom session is created by sitting on “zoom” or “google meet” the two of the most commonly used live streaming classroom software that works like webinar for making a classroom session so that it’s possible to have a two-way communication with all participants students sitting together with each other and most importantly the teacher.

Most of the assignments are done on your own computer during the live class session and in front of the camera live or sometimes you may be asked to do it later in the day.

The two-way communication sitting in front of the laptop is a very different experience altogether. The younger children who have not seen the physical classroom ever in a school will be facing new learning challenges for many of the motor skills that are not possible at home. The parents who will be sitting next to them in the e-learning class room will have to play a vital role in developing a new concept of school for their child and they must follow all the guidelines provided by the school teachers for various disciplines.

Our next generations will be part of this change and learning through online classes while sitting at home is a new normal. Secondly if this online platform becomes a standard practice and is accepted by the public at large it may change our educational system altogether.

Once this opportunity is offered at lower economical rates with high quality. Then we will see all schools shifting to the new model which will be online e-learning that will be less expensive and affordable by the population at large and will have its fruitful benefits as well. The reach and number of households served through technology will be much higher as to the existing educational system.

The most important thing you can benefit from e-learning is the fact that you will have the chance to improve your personal life and career altogether. Due to certain circumstances, you could not complete or attend regular classes but with e-learning you can earn your degree. Another benefit of e-learning is if you are busy attending a normal class you can take it online and still do your other work.

For example, if you are a single parent and you have to take care of your kids as well as do your home duties then taking online classes is a big benefit for you. You can take class, chat with your teachers and also submit your assignment on time. You just need a computer, internet connection and software like “zoom” or “hangout” and you are in the task of learning and teaching for good. Another benefit of e-learning is the flexibility it brings in your life and schedules.

The only drawback for e-learning that cannot be substituted are the extra-curricular activities that are part of every school system today, activities like sports, art competitions, debating and drama societies will be missed by our new younger generations.

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