Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Post-Pandemic World and The New Lifestyle

This pandemic transformed us as individuals in many ways. Some changes are how we interact with other people, our lives, our likes, dislikes and especially our habits. This pandemic and lockdown situation had changed society in a very short time. It also affected our businesses, jobs and many other things especially education sectors. Whatever the […]

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Life Skills to Master in Your Twenties

Teenage is an interesting time for all of us. While surely some people make the right choices in terms of their career and associations, it can be argued that most do not. It is because teenage is a period of a certain amount of liberty that easily leads people astray into experimenting with their choices. […]

Tips for Practical Life

Tips for Practical Life

1- People ruined by mismanagement say that they have been affected by bad luck. 2- If you worry about matters beyond measure, it will mean that you are shortly going underground. 3- If you have known about the world a lot without knowing your own self, your life is a failure. 3- Take care of […]