Saturday, February 24, 2024

Tips for Practical Life

thumbs_up 1- People ruined by mismanagement say that they have been affected by bad luck.

2- If you worry about matters beyond measure, it will mean that you are shortly going underground.

3- If you have known about the world a lot without knowing your own self, your life is a failure.

3- Take care of your confidence, your doubts will be killed.

4- Enjoy best use of availables and don’t worry about things not available.

5- A very practical prayer for life: Dear Lord! Guide me, help me, protect me and bless me with success in all good efforts.

6- Real life is living for a great goal and living for eating and merriment is no life.

7- You cannot achieve comfort in life by pursuing comfort. Comfort is by-product of continuous hard work.

8- Climbing towards apex needs extreme hard work, whereas, to fall in ditch needs very little effort.

9- You can kill people fighting an ideological war, but you can never kill there ideology.

10- Never be cruel to a person who has no helper except God.

11- Uncontrolled conversation brings calamity for man.

12- A person keeping his own secrets, in fact confirms his security.

13- Fix a great aim for life, then apply all your capabilities towards its achievement.

14- Character makes a man great, not miracles.

15- A wise man achieves by remaining ordinary and a foolish man degrades himself with display of greatness.


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