Monday, January 17, 2022

Judiciary and the State

Supreme Court of Pakistan Involving in open and public denunciations of the verdicts of the state’s judiciary is not only disrespect for the judiciary but also hatred against the state itself. It very clearly denotes the motto “Any decision against our wish and expectations is injustice”. There is every possibility that Pakistan is the only country where such groups vehemently enjoy such permissiveness and still avail of the facilities of unconfined life. Persons and groups of such specie of behavior are never sincere or dedicated to the origin of their attachment. Under hard and testing circumstances they are sure to be seen appearing before the same judiciary with allegations against the group for whom they have been displaying un-compromising sincerity.

Situation discussed above certainly does not exist in any civilized or even underdeveloped state of the world. Judiciary of a state constitutes experts oozing out of a rigorous and multi dimensional process of selection. In all fairness their scrutinizing and ultimate verdicts are based on a tiresome process of investigations and witness. A person or a group of persons unfamiliar and un-conversant with the sequences of the whole process stands before a gathering and declare openly that since the decision by the judiciary is against his or their wishes and expectations, it is injustice. Amongst such persons or groups, without a tinge of doubt, there are individuals who are not even ordinarily up to the standards of education or practical application of their willy-nilly qualifications.

Respect for the judiciary of a state is respect for the state itself. The state that embowers, rears and cares for our lives and honor. The state for the sake of which a soldier happily lays down his life leaving behind his family and dear ones, the state which has to be the abode of our future generations, the state which gives us a recognition amongst the community of mankind in the world. To speak against the judiciary and verily against the state is like crossing the limits beyond which very living thing fears.

Our judiciary is no less capable as compared to any judiciary of any country on the earth. It generates and a sense of security and functioning powers amongst various sections of institutions and society. It is generous enough in giving us chances of hearing us over and over again. Where then stands the chances of wishful attitude or self centered attitudes? Let us be grateful to Almighty for the piece of land separated from Bharat Mata, where perhaps, the very first word against the judiciary would have sent us behind the bars, where even a prime minister has been punished under peoples elected government and not under martial law, where so many state ministers are in jail during purely democratic rule.

Written By: M. Ashraf


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