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Honourable Survival not possible without Respect to Judiciary

Gillani making V sign It is rationally impossible that governments of a country wholeheartedly respect the judiciary and the state is amongst declared corrupt states.

Last thirteen years’ period has been exceptionally odd, particularly in context with respect to the judiciary. This period has been a history with regards to boosting sex crimes, corruption, extremism, acute depletion of civil amenities, disintegration and deterioration of departments and institutions.

We are in process of giving birth to a quaint history, not so far introduced to the communities of nations. At a stage of highly matured status and age, the last dictator stunned the whole of the civilized world. Only six times his law minister publically uttered flattering statement, “The president can do anything”. Unfortunately, the president got affected by its very tone. Instead of forestalling his law minister and asking him to remain within bounds, the president ‘honoured’ his perception and dissolved the judiciary. Here he must have dismissed the law minister, because there were numerous alternates to solve the problem but the president did suffer from the impact of “Sadar kutch bhe kar saktay hain” that he resorted to the action two hundred percent conducive to the thrust of the flattering statement. Hence go pages of abnormal quaint history. Instead of taking care of the state and the nation, the president far more cared for self esteem and strong clutch to the power chair. At that time he must have thought that respect for an honourable institution and future of millions of citizens was frivolous in comparison to personal ambitions.

Gilani out court

Crimes and corruption in the declared corrupt states of the world is the outcome of curse emanating from disrespect for the reverend institutions. There have been unforeseen attitudes against the respect and regards for the judiciary. Here are some of the representative examples that bear the status of ever lasting memory for Pakistanis and for most of the concerned class of international community:-

1- “Letter to Geneva will only go passing over my dead body”. (The law minister’s statement clearly relates for pleasure of a very small group of companions, neglecting millions of affected citizens)

2- “We’ll not create a chance for the president to appear before a third class judge”. (It simultaneously relates to disrespect for national and international judiciary simply to please a group of party members)

3- “Conspiracy against democracy is going on”. (Meaning that institution responsible for providing justice to citizens was conspiring against a few dozen persons in power)

4- “Assembly is above all.” (Meaning that in presence of national assembly members, no verdict of judiciary carries any importance. MPAs’, MNAs’ yes is only for the party and it is not at all related to the state and the nation. That’s one of the reasons that the state is declared corrupt. Sacred opinions and affirmations must be for the state and the nation for all circumstances to follow.)

5- Going to the court with a large number of companions and coming out of the court room with a V sign displayed to the gathering, simply for attending the court. Later coming out of the court duly convicted, again with a V sign. What for?

These few specimen statements out of a lot many more are self explanatory and considerably reflect on the capabilities related to statesmanship. The statements and displays of postures before the public gathering do have a great dramatic value but they do not have an iota of purpose in context with statesmanship and destiny of a nation.

In addition to that deliberate efforts continue to squeeze the approach for justice by the judiciary. Passing of a new bill related to contempt of court is one of the examples. It is an item of amusement for the civilized world.

In all fairness judiciary stands supreme amongst all institutions and departments of the state. Parliament looses rights of existence if citizens are deprived of justice. Wishful thinking ‘If we agree with court’s verdict we respect the court. If we do not agree to the verdict of the court’s instructions / verdict, we do not respect the court’ is like going back by hundreds of years in the past.

Nobody, whosoever, is exempted from the process of proceedings of the court and consequently nobody is exempted from submission to the instructions and verdicts of the court. The state and the citizens can only survive honourably with free and independently functioning courts.


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