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Calcium for our Body

Setup of our bones bears whole weight of our body throughout our lives. Weak and less cared for structure of bones at last starts speaking of its complaints in various forms of overall health problems. Individuals apparently looking healthy also come across problems appearing to be incomprehensible. Backbone pain, neck pain, pain in the lower part of the spine, fracture as a result of very simple posture of falling, etc, cause postponing specific and sometimes routine physical activities. These are the body complaints about inadequate care in maintenance of the strength of bones.

Bones need regular supply of Calcium and Vitamin D to carry as well as to absorb various jerks to our body. Our daily meals must constitute elements favorite for the bones’ strength. Simplest (not cheapest also for all) foods providing sources of bones’ diet are Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Fish, out of dairy and water; leafy green vegetables from the farms and Almond and Nut Shell (Akhrot) from plants.

yogurt  Cheese   milk

Farms’ and plants’ products have proved to be better sources of Calcium as compared to dairy products. Members of underprivileged families not possessing a cow or a buffalo may regularly use Yogurt and leafy vegetables. Availability of leafy vegetables (Palak, Saag, Bathoo) are available at low cost in villages as also comparatively cheaper in cities as well. Where concern for citizens’ basic health comes, the staff of population planning departments should guide the uneducated and less privileged people about the importance for care for bones in relation to diet.

fish spinach_plant almonds nutshell

Vitamin D is provided by plants’ products, eggs and fish. We need more to concentrate on the bones related knowledge and information especially for underprivileged people of cities and villages.

With all the provisions of the sources of Calcium and Vitamin D, regular daily light exercise is number one top priority for balance and strength for structure of bones in human body.

For all problems and solutions related to body’s bones, opinion of qualified physician (not less than MBBS in Pakistan) must be obtained at the earliest).

Government’s population planning staff for villages should also be assigned introducing the precautions and instructions for maintenance of healthy Liver and Kidneys, in view of alarming number of cases showing up.


*Palak: Spinach
*Saag, Bathoo: Varieties of Spinach


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