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How You are Judged by a Judge in Pakistan

It is quite interesting actually how people judge you in everyday life. They can’t really judge but actually project their own thoughts, their way of thinking, somewhat show their own personality, where they have come from, family background and the place and environment where they were born and brought up. One of my friend is […]

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Family Laws

Pakistani Family Laws Need Amendments

Pakistan is one of those countries of the world where centuries’ old family value are considered sacred and precision hence cherished with pride, but unfortunately this structure is crumbling. The global influences are seeping in and a structure of multi color and multi texture is forming. People have new priorities in life and their living […]

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Yearning for Parallel Judiciary

Yearning for Parallel Judiciary

First week of August 2012, and weeks preceding it, have been exceptionally extra ordinary in life of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan. There have been consistent deliberate efforts to suppress as well as to over power the jurisdictions of the state’s judiciary, which is no different from the judiciaries of all the civilized states in the world. […]

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Honourable Survival not possible without Respect to Judiciary

Honourable Survival not possible without Respect to Judiciary

It is rationally impossible that governments of a country wholeheartedly respect the judiciary and the state is amongst declared corrupt states. Last thirteen years’ period has been exceptionally odd, particularly in context with respect to the judiciary. This period has been a history with regards to boosting sex crimes, corruption, extremism, acute depletion of civil […]

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Consonance with Corruption

Consonance with Corruption

Coming out of the court of justice in a manner more joyous than conquering the apex of some mountain far higher than the Mount Everest and waiving to the multitude like great winner, is a style affording considerable entertainment mixed with quaint curiosity for the gentleman of judiciary and ruling lot of the states of […]

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Judiciary and the State

Judiciary and the State

Involving in open and public denunciations of the verdicts of the state’s judiciary is not only disrespect for the judiciary but also hatred against the state itself. It very clearly denotes the motto “Any decision against our wish and expectations is injustice”. There is every possibility that Pakistan is the only country where such groups […]

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