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Yearning for Parallel Judiciary

Law First week of August 2012, and weeks preceding it, have been exceptionally extra ordinary in life of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan. There have been consistent deliberate efforts to suppress as well as to over power the jurisdictions of the state’s judiciary, which is no different from the judiciaries of all the civilized states in the world. Oft repeated sentences ‘Parliament is supreme’, ‘We shall go to the parliament then’ and finally the most unconstitutional desire ‘Parliament should also be independent’, are some of the intense for the yearning for creating a parallel but irrevocable judiciary. The statements are challenge for lawyers and constitutional experts. These sentences do not constitute even a tinge of knowledge of difference between the status of judiciary and the parliament. These sentences do not embower even the least consideration for difference between the caliber of the constituent members of each i.e. the judiciary and the parliament. These sentences do not bear pertinent regards for specialization for responsibilities and for coming forward through slogans that have never proved in history. Above all these statements unintentionally proceed to be derogatory to the respect and regards for justice unequivocally preached by the Holy Prophet for whose believers this state was procured at exceptionally extra ordinary cost through breaking the compact territory of India.

At least during the past few decades, judiciary of Pakistan has been very considerate and tolerant. It has over looked so many cases of contempt of court simply in view of on going odd circumstances. It is so generous of the judges. Citizens do feel that survival of institutions in an atmosphere of apex situation of corruption and crimes needs quite a quantum of forbearance.

In the prevailing atmosphere of lawlessness, corruption and crimes it is so difficult to upkeep the standards of sincerity and honesty by patriotic individuals of various departments. Verily the horrible atmosphere is the result of false slogans, fake promises and misuse of positive ingredients of democracy. The situation is so grave that not even the least part of it was ever sensed by the selfless team struggling to procure a state for Muslims of subcontinent. It must never be forgotten that distorted shape of democracy must bring only chaos and destruction. Respect for judiciary is far above the respect for party or group. Present judiciary is for justice and justice only. Efforts against its sancity go only against the state and the nation.

Leaders of normal nations are always in search of doing better to best for the nation. On the other hand motto of the politicians of declared corrupt states of the world is always concentration on ‘What shall we get’.

Challenges are far higher than Himalayas. Nation building process is yet to be started. The state which is sheer outcome of Islam and Muslims has yet to be practically Islamic. In the atmosphere of flying dingy loose hairs of models, naked armpits in advertisements, fashion shows, filth of theater channels, slaves’ mentality of Mama / Papa culture, all research for singing / dancing / drama, zero research for attaining technology, zero research in agriculture and industrial progress, etc. are highly appalling. Nothing mentionable has so far been done for poor and minorities. Term ‘scheduled cast’ has not so far been constitutionally abolished in the Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan. Sincere and straight democracy brings in progress and blessings for the citizens. Distorted democracy based on false slogans brings poverty and destruction. There are so many avenues to be explored. Why then putting in all efforts in squeezing the jurisdiction of judiciary?


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