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Friendships with Bilateral Respect only

attack There must not be even and iota of compromise on what happened at Salala Check Post on November 26, 2011. Considerable number of highly trained and deeply patriotic group of officers and soldiers were slain without least defensive retaliation and action. They had been trained through enormous expenses of public funds and day & night hard mental and physical pains. There is shocking pain into the minds of their families that their sons, brothers, uncles, husbands, fathers lost their lives in a manner insult some to their personal and professional dignity. They were smashed like a lifeless stone. Taking note of the details on pre-engineered accident, who will care for the friendship with America at any cost what so ever? The nation has learnt another lesson and such lessons are never trespassed for all circumstances to follow. As citizens of Islamic values we never want to be enemy of any country of the globe, but we must not ever be friend to countries with zero sentiments of friendship and hundred percents sentiments of self interest. During year 1950’s a fourth year student of Murray College Sialkot, in a whole college gathering of the students and the staff, strongly opposed joining Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), Central Treaty Organization (CENTO) participation, in the strongest possible arguments that convinced everybody in the hall. He said “Shah Jahan paved way for 150 years of colonial rule. Don’t forget the lesson. Don’t pave way for ultra modern colonial rule in Pakistan”. Sixty years of friendship very clearly speaks of the truth of that student’s arguments.

deadbodies Setting aside the previous Anti-Pakistan strategies, the most recent incidents & accidents of Drones Attacks, Raymond Attack, Abbotabad Operation, Memo Case, Killing of unretaliating officers & soldiers and apologetic statements bearing under-lips smiles, give very clear gesture which even blinds can see and feel. Friendship with America is friendship exclusively 100% for America, at the cost of existing and future generations of Pakistan. We must not have joined SEATO & CENTO at any cost. Joining SEATO, CENTO proved to be mysterious bone breaking kicks to the interests of the nationals of Pakistan. Aid & debt dollars only benefitted Geneva Accounts, Luxurious life style, boost of unpermissible sex culture, corruption, misappropriations & mismanagements, crimes, sense of dependency and slavery.

iraq-attack Hundreds of years of past history speaks that America’s friendship with other countries is hundred percent for the interests of the United States of America, at the cost of countries falling prey to such friendship. Extra ordinary use of force, even against peaceful citizens inside their residences, in Iraq and Afghanistan convey a huge message. The friendship should have been at arms length within the bounds of the security and welfare of Pakistan and its citizens. Friendship should have been up to the limit, where Pakistani dead bodies are not for sale. Friendship should have been affording at least 90% benefits for this state and its people. Without America’s self centered friendship with us we would have been far more advanced nation amongst the world community. We would have known the art of storing dollars through our own hard works and research works, like China, India and so many other states on the globe.

If we do not respect the lesson got by us at limitless high cost, we are sure to destroy ourselves. The time is now or it is never. Let us be friend of America as exclusive Pakistanis and not as citizens of a buffer state of United States of America.


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