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Genesis – Grey Matter – Ammunition

NWFP-FATA-MAPPartial remarks / comments / blames are universally rejected whatsoever be the topic. Current news and statements from all over the country make no mention of the track of emerging TTP for extremes of extremism. Retrace only a few years back and analyse the entire process of Sawat Operation. After that count the number of times the statement “No negotiations with the terrorists” was repeated by members of provincial government, sometimes more than once during only 24 hours period. And when the extremists enraged and instigated, resorted to still severe operations, the same haughty stiff necks, helplessly kneeling at their knees, implored “For God’s sake spare our children”. (Similar words had been heard during 1970s when United States of America was requesting for release of her prisoners of war from Vietnam). In low literacy states, politics might be a source of easy illegal income for everybody failing in all kinds of business and petty employments, but it certainly is not a frivolous branch of knowledge for those who cannot see or feel the basic properties of elements of various public sections. Individuals fighting for their cause not only at the cost of their lives but also they are fighting with a courage and dedication of paying the cost of absolute extinction. Irritating and annoying such people has nothing to do with use of God given grey matter. Consider the scene when a suffering group of citizens want to present their problems but are repulsed in an insult some manner.

North-Waziristan-tribesmenTribesmen who never surrendered before the colonial rulers for more than 15 decades will never surrender to any power in all circumstances for all times to come. They might subside or postpone their rash activities, but they can never be conquered. Thinking of supressing them without hearing them is not statesmanship. Bloodshed and showers of bombs can never bring them to terms. They cannot be duped by threats even. They have their own strategies to make use of. Negotiations are the only alternate. They must be heard and provided with maximum for their needs. They have been showing exceptional tolerance and forbearance during the last six decades. Their problems have never been solved for which they had to show harsh anger. To conquer them means to abolish them. And if any government of the state eliminates them, that government might be left with no country to be ruled.

If they are heard like citizens, they definitely will prove to be core strength for the country and the nation.

During July 1979, I had the honour of meeting a member of a tribal group defending their areas against continual attacks by the colonial army units up to first quarter of 1947. I was shown the operational positions of Shirani tribesmen and the exact spot where a white colonel of British Army was shot dead along with some of his soldier near Zhob, only a short period before Pakistan was declared independent. No strategy was spared by British government to conquer or at least to conquer the hearts of tribesmen of the same region but to no avail. I have worked with a third generation offspring of the tribal families who had been shifted to England or remote areas of India, only for teaching them lessons of slavery. After Pakistan’s independence the tribesmen stored their guns to rest in reverence for birth of a Muslim state. Then, during August 1986, I met Engineer Ashraf Khan, a US National, the only survivor out of whole of his family, comprising of women children men and elders, completely erased during air attacks of 1950s, in South Waziristan, for fault of safe guarding their Muslims’ values and tribal traditions. I cannot record his observations and sentiments that he had against the Pakistani government and its institutions. But it is a matter of simple common sense that angry family members or citizens must be heard at all costs whatsoever.

During 60 years period after 1947 they felt that the rulers of the Muslim state had completely failed to establish and maintain an atmosphere conducive even to an ordinary Muslim family. All sections of media remained busy in presentation of anti-Muslim photos and scenes collected from all over the world. Tribesmen tried to establish Islamic system in their own areas but effort was turned down and forcefully rejected. The volume of wrath kept developing. Statements of the provincial government added temper to the wrath when time for negotiations was very suitable. Slipped chances have no rear hook to be gripped. Years later they prepared to have negotiations when their chief of TTP was droned along with his closest companions. Confidence was broken as similar drone attack could be repeated. Now every Danishwar (wisdom owner) is pleading for use of force against Taliban. Grey matter of such Danishwars appears to be against the future of the state and the nation.

Arsenals only destroy giving birth to hatred and determination for vengeance. Internally arsenals divide and disintegrate. Forbearance and accommodation from the elder side give birth to security, love and unity.

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  1. hunain says:

    No doubt negotiation with militant groups is important, but its hard to identify which group of Taliban is the real one. There are more than 25 different groups, each one claims themselves as the leading group. CIA, RAW, Mosad, etc. have created an atmosphere of chaos so perfectly that chances of successful negotiation are very slim. – First we need to identify the real Taliban group, gain their confidence, take them on board, with their help eliminate the fake groups, and then real negotiations can be done which will restore peace in the region.

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