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Factors for Foreign Terrorism

Recent terrorist attack on Ismailis in Karachi, the most calm and peaceful community of Pakistan and the world, is doubtlessly foreign planned and foreign aided, with men and material. As matter of plain truth it is sequence of APS Peshawar massacre. Evident purpose of both of these attacks is creation of horror and sense of insecurity in every section of society, regardless of age, religion, faith or way of life. Both of these attacks are only prelude to what can be very clearly expected during periods to follow.

Attack on bus of Ismaili community killing 46 men & women

Attack on bus of Ismaili community killing 46 men & women

Masked foreign terrorist operations don’t get established overnight. These are decided upon, rigorously planned, deftly managed and triggered over years and decades. Fundamental pushers gradients are clear headedly the following:-

  • Retaliation to subversive activities.
  • Weakest possible setup of control of law & order.
  • Instead of use for citizens’ / state’s security, using agencies for personal and political party’s grandeur and impact.
  • Creating an atmosphere of eternal rule over the country forcing and paralysing the police force to completely forget its prime responsibility of keeping vigilant eye on every single adult citizen of the state, in cities as well as in the rural areas.
  • Vote bank sensitivity for ever lasting rule of a political party or a political family, compromising on extremely sensitive issues and assigning highly sensitive offices to duds of regularly winning constituencies.
  • Open and free movement of foreign intelligence agencies in all areas of the state providing lasting data for prospective attacks during coming decades and centuries.
  • Spending in capitals and big cities and neglecting provinces and tribal areas.
  • Discrimination between common man and favoured friends and relatives.
  • Centuries old styled politicians impressing voters with their luxurious residences and dresses instead of primarily needed steps for eradications of corruptions and crimes and reinstatement of infrastructure for public facilities. Governance members and politicians flatly refuse to learn from politicians of adjoining countries. Every tiniest thing related to luxury is introduced in the country whereas luxury is mother of all evils, corruptions and misappropriations because its demands can never be met through fair income howsoever enormous.

When group of governance members one after the other are continuously absorbed in anyone or all of the above nine activities, they provide a sumptuous atmosphere and platform for retaliations and musing interferences in the state. The saboteurs spend billions for arrangements and training of personnel for this purpose. And when they spend profusely, they can never forgive themselves for failure. The intruders must speak fluently the languages of the area to be attacked and they must have a command over Islamic studies to whole heartedly convince the people of various areas that they are one of them and they are their well wishers.

With so attractive an atmosphere for interference even the friendly countries will be selecting corners of their interests, what to speak of the enemy and the masked friend. Impartially speaking, so far as the science of strategies is concerned, in an atmosphere provided by above nine points, it is foolish on the part of enemy or masked enemy not to retaliate to make use of the situation provided by the mode of governances of the last four to five decades. As the planning of foreign terrorism does not develop in days and hours, similarly the atmosphere conducive to terrorism is not established within weeks or months. The internal circumstances of the state gradually deteriorate to provide a vast field for enemy. When the time is right, heavily paid agents are selected from each the every section of the society. There are agents in politics, religious bodies, government and semi government departments, magic curers, businessmen, media and sympathizers of Kashmiris.

To honestly recover from the sage and provide a platform of discouragement, obstruction and resistance, years of remedial measure are needed. And remedial measures have got to be achieved in the light of above mentioned nine points. No compromise, no nepotism, no concessions for culprits of all levels, no desire to prolong rule of a single family and its children, zero interference with law enforcing agencies, etc.

It may be pointed out that the enemy who has been spending heavily for the last so many decades will never get discouraged by chocolate steps in the process. Steel hands can only leave a message for him to think of closing his training camps one by one and stop paying bags of dollars to the dissident citizens of neglected provinces and tribal areas. Strict policies can achieve wonders never to come in the grip of arsenal.

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