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Killing Peace Seeker Dissidents

Under mentioned statements by Pakistani Foreign Minister, have been taken from the news channel (Royal News, 02:45 PM, on November 02, 2013):-

1- ‘We have never stopped negotiation process with Taliban’.
2- ‘We hold our own stand (Apna Apna Muaqqaff) on drone attacks’
3- ‘Process of negotiations involves ups and downs’.
4- ‘This time drone attacks have been discussed in the meeting’.
5- ‘Termination of NATO supplies after Salala Incidence did not stop drone attacks’.

The statements that might have been part of an interview / speech, are inconsistent and meandering. These simply carry an emphatic request to the public ‘Please don’t ask the government to retaliate’. What is the logic in policy ‘since the drone attacks will not stop, therefore, passage facilities must continue’? Is it really a Pakistani voice? Above statements also confirm that the policies of previous foreign ministers continue very precisely. The previous foreign minister had declared that resumption of passage for NATO containers will be linked to acquiring of civil atomic facilities. Perhaps bargaining the state’s dignity and lives of citizens for prescribed facilities is part of a chapter of advanced politics not yet published. Citizens – dissidents or non dissidents – are being regularly killed and there is no remedy to the problem and no retaliation against the aggressors. As a result of Salala Incidence the termination of passage facilities must have continued against drones attacks. Hakeem Ullah Mehsood and his companions have been hit during their meeting for the peace talks. The nation has been again provoked. The process of negotiations has been openly obstructed. Law & order situation has been further put to higher degree of risks. Life and property of citizens has been put to danger for every coming movement.

Angry groups of tribal areas and Balochistan have resorted to dissidence after suffering from excesses of about half a century. They have never been considered for their rights. They have remained neglected for periods of about 60 years. Resources of their areas have been picked up and processed far away from their localities, over to other provinces, depriving them of all chances of employment near their homes. The entire concentration of politicians and dictators remained on struggle for power. All of them have utterly failed in managing and planning the affairs of state and citizens for the future. Joint effect of governance by all of them has caused the downfall of institutions to pitiable deterioration and dependence, except for the defence and judiciary who have maintained due to their inner powers and discipline. Every large and small institutions, including medical treatment and education, have been seriously affected. Now see what they have given to the nation from 1954 to date:-

1- Boosting sex crimes involving minor children.
2- Profusely expanding business of earnings from display of nakedness of daughters of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan.
3- Hour to hour crimes of species unheard in the history of criminology, continue. Naturally these are results of deep research in criminology when functioning of police suffers from extreme interference by every government and ultimately the judiciary started coming under attacks.
4- Corruptions and misappropriations progressed from top to bottom.
5- Continued burden of day by day increasing heavy foreign debts neglecting developing state’s natural resources.
6- Extreme of inherited politics without least competence and even trend. Regular commissioning of more and more family members continues.
7- Corrupting the public opinion by the extra ordinary quantity of banners of cloth total measure of which can provide dress to all the poor of a lot of countries of central Africa.
8- Nations are busy for science and technology whereas, Pakistanis have made tremendous research and progress in singing, modeling, poetry, fashion show, crimes, misappropriations and luxury. Singers and models have been exported to India even.

Sixty five years of failure and debacles demand reforms in the entire political system especially in foreign policy. The whole system of governance needs drastic changes. Politicians must contest polls not for the party or person but for the state and citizens. Fake promises during periods of polls must be liable to judicial enquiry. All luxury must be banned. All ads for luxury must be heavy taxed and fined. Politicians and ruling members must dress with simplicity. If a member of a ruling team is rich enough to refuse common citizens’ dress, he must resign to be a show piece of costly wears. Daily expenses of President House and Prime Minister House must be brought down to the level of a heavily indebted country. In view of the ensuing circumstances every single NGO in the country must be banned for indefinite period.

Killing Peace

Killing Peace


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