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Needed Superb Negotiators

handshake What ever the long list of justifications for use of bullet force in Swat, force of negotiations has not been technically put to practice. It might be due to incompetence or due to pressure of debts providing parties, in reckless effort to divert attentions from failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. When 70% military and economical power of the entire world is at the verge of surrender to a few hundred homeless and helpless meandering resistants, pushing Pakistan for killing its own citizens carries justification howsoever ridiculous. Heavily indebted country in need of more and more debts, is easy to be put to task. Everybody knows that Swat situation does not carry any similarity to situations in Kurdistan, East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh), Golden Temple (Operation Blue Star of Indian Army) and Sri Lanka where ground and air forces had been used or continue to be used. So far we have not heard a word against Pakistan. Why then the, matters cannot be sorted out through dialogue. Process of dialogue is tedious and intricate for which quite a volume of patience is principle need. Use of bullet force requires to press the trigger only. No patriotic Pakistani will tolerate Islamic Jamhuria Pakistan to become practically secular in behavior. This seriously injures Two Nations Theory. This conspires in developing atmosphere for reunification with India. Swat people might be confronting these conspiracies for Pakistan.

Negotiated settlements work wonders and are lasting. Out of many examples, Red Indians have been calmly living their own way of life for the last 120 years. Bullet force even if apparently successful generates un-ending hatred, ultimately causing irreversible destruction, in the process of time. Genuine demands of citizens reflect their concern for the state and for that they deserve honor of discussion towards settlement. Refusing them a dialog is like refusing them citizenship. We do need to learn from our history. We are very badly in need of extra ordinary superb negotiators. Embowering people of most conservative traditions and lifestyle as Pakistanis and asking them to forget their own way of life, is like asking somebody to stand on pivot and then order him not to move.

Extremists’ reactions need to be analyzed as these might not be hundred percent unjustified. We have to discover the elements responsible for tactfully obstructing the implementation of Nezam-e-Adal. It is necessary to quote here late Chief Justice of Pakistan A.R. Cornelius who said “When Pakistan had been achieved for Islam, Islam should govern Pakistan”. This is the judgment of a faithful Christian for the sake of justice.

Blowing our own trumpet of Ideological Islamic Jamhuria Pakistan and permitting running of inland TV channels competing exclusive sex display TV channels of secular Bharat, nullifies Two Nations Theory as well as results in odds of extremism, crimes and corruption. Television is a domestic device for information and learning for the family members with growing and young children. Misuse of TV as cinema hall in sex free social setups may be justifiable. Two Nations Theory means two different ways of living. Two Nations Theory is such formidable power that split the Sub-Continent resulting in creation of a new state with the name of Pakistan. We do not have any right to use TV as public cinema hall like the Indian channels are functioning. Now you are invited to see the get-up of news casters and comperes of Islamic Jamhuria Pakistan. See sex agitating advertisements involving couple dances, squeezed dresses and littering dingy hair. See ongoing business by display of female body limbs. All this invites the conservatives and youth to react in shape of extremism and sex crimes. A venomous treason is in progress against our traditions, against our people and above all against the Two Nations concept. The treacherous elements behind these conspiracies appear to have been working for horrible goals, but right now they have succeeded in turning this most beautiful territory into hell of blood shed and citizens’ miseries.

Now government is claiming that victory is near, whereas news and circumstances speak that extremism is spreading more and more. We need to talk to them at all costs whatsoever. This seems to be the only way of solving this problem for ever. It needs to be mentioned that if the set for lashing a young girl is true, then sets of all scenes of films worldwide will have to be accepted as reality. All those responsible for shooting this set must go to prison. All those spontaneously crying in response to shooting of this set must see the psychiatrist. Countless real incidents of severe punishments to daughters, sons and male / female servants in Punjab and Sindh are matter of daily routine, but nobody cries, because these are real and not result of camera shooting.

Now government might permanently capture the areas by force. This will never work. There is no way out accept to win the hearts of the people and let them live as citizens without unnecessary control and pinching supervision.

Government’s long list of justifications for use of bullet force against angry citizens in Swat and Wazirastan will instantly vanish by a no-more-shooting order from abroad.

Written by: Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf


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