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Rise of a New Political Party

PTI-Jalsa-in-Faisalabad Tehreek-e-Insaaf is said to be the third most popular party in Pakistan, according to public opinion and all media polling. Though it is also said that during the Election of 2013 it may not be able to establish a government on its own, yet it will make a significant place in the political structure of Pakistan for itself, by acquiring a sizeable number of seats in national assembly. This change is crucial because from decades, only two main parties are playing with the crown, and deliberately supporting each other in achieving successful corruption targets.

One should not forget the point that it is not the political party itself which does the corruption; rather it’s the corrupt politicians in it who use the party platform to achieve their materialistic and anti-national goals. No doubt that they also get the help from outside to destabilize the nation from within. These parasites are very destructive for any political party, social structure of the nation as well as to Pakistan as a state itself.

The party memorandum stands upon one main key issue, the Independent Judiciary and Equal Law of Accountability for everybody, from a common man to high status business man and from small grade bureaucrats to high status political figure. This sounds very tempting and very ideal if it may apply exactly as it has been presented to the naive people of Pakistan. Fingers crossed!

Every political party acquires strength from its members; more strong members result in more strong party. Like every other political party, this one also needed a lot of good reputed and financially strong members, who can, not only win seats for party but also attract the massive funds. In pursuit of strong partners the party invites everybody to join. In the beginning, the party was very careful in choosing the party members, but as soon as the election date is coming closer, the party is recruiting members in wholesale quantity, without caring much about their background. Many big names are joining the party, most of them are leftovers of other parties or parasites politicians from other parties, who have enjoyed the fruit of being in ruling party for quite a long time and now since they have hollowed that party from inside, they have turned over to the New Party. They know that they will get their dignity back if they join fresh faces and their own ugly faces will hide behind the flash of new leadership. These old wolves are pretending that they are very innocent, they didn’t know that previous party was a corrupt one, they remark that they made mistake and now they’ll bring the change. — Nonsense! they will not bring any change at all, yeah, perhaps they have and will brought a change for themselves, as all their sins and corruptions will be wiped off by showering under fresh fountain.

This is absolutely not acceptable. First enjoy rule, consume recourses, do corruption and then throw the old flag and grab a new one and say, “I am a better person now, vote me, I’ll bring the change”. Nonsense, total nonsense! The people should realize that if they have not been able to bring a change during their whole awful career of 30-40 years in politics, where the hell from they will bring the change now. When their own minds have retarded by the age factor and they can’t even stand properly for while in their own conventions, they can’t even stay conscious in the very important gathering of national assembly hearing. How the hell they’ll be able to bring a change to a nation, which is growing tremendously, becoming stronger and becoming more responsible by every second. They only want to stay in power, nothing else, and one thing more, they only want to keep the track clear for their own sons, daughters, wives and son-in-laws.

The innocent people of Pakistan should realize that, these people have already been tested by many times. They don’t deserve any further chance. The new party and Pakistan State need young people to serve the country, point to be noted, not young my age, but young by zeal, young by sincerity, young by sense of responsibility and young by faith.

If the party needs to maintain its trust and dignity, it should make such a resolution to neglect expired material and adopt fresh talent. Only party funds are not enough for party, a party’s prestige is far more important. When Quid-e-Azam started Muslim league, sure they needed funds, but they more concentrated on quality leadership rather than wealthy anti Pakistan community, and the result of such a decision is in front of whole world, in the form of our own country, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.


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