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Safety against HIV Virus

hiv A Pakistani doctor has pin pointed the quacks as culprits against control of HIV Virus infections. He is absolutely right. What to talk of quacks, one of our graduate engineers forestalled a MBBS doctor for using primitive syringe. The doctor rashly abused our engineer and said ‘I am the doctor not you’.

I myself have seen responsible physicians using even disposable syringe, over and over again in under developed countries.

In fact honesty has not nested in hearts of horrible number of professionals, who keep it pivoted at the tip of the tongue. In case of Aids infections, we have to fight on many fronts, out of which Government can only fight on the front of doctors and paramedical professionals. Even on this one front, the Government will badly fail without strict actions, for the health and future of citizens. Other fronts are as follows:

  1. Religious leaders to warn the people against the use of used syringe in Temples, Mosques and Churches.
  2. School teachers to instruct the students against used needles, daily at morning assembly or at the start of first morning period of classes.
  3. Factory owners, to weekly educate the workers about the dangers of used needle.
  4. Family planning staff to alert the house wives during normal visits, especially in villages.
  5. It must be the responsibility of all institutions to alert all members of their organizations against the quacks.

If these steps are strongly applied, we will be able to apprehend dishonest medical professionals for healthy future of the citizens.

Written by: Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf


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  1. Mian Khalid Mahmood says:

    Great thinking, I believe if every responsible of the society in Pakistan feel this way there will not be a single victim.

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