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Urgently Needed Patients for Private Clinics

treating-patient-at-clinic Private clinics’ banners and posters in the vicinity of every government hospital throughout Pakistan, paint a very strange picture that is hardly seen in other countries. It is a very unusual phenomenon for the persons frequently visiting foreign countries. Small buildings each carrying big sign board of ‘Hospital’ are additional surprise. In comparison to every government managed hospital in vast and spacious area, one can not understand the use of word ‘Hospital’ for a building in few square yards of area. Treatment charges of these private clinics and hospitals in tiny buildings are considerably high, beyond the reach of middle class and poor patients, whereas, these are not negotiable at all. ‘Surrender for paying the treatment charges or go in search of some cheaper treatment for the cure’. Evidently, the patients must pay even by sale of some kind of their assets. Accumulative assessment of whole of this extra professional approach is burning desire for more and more patients suffering from simple or complex diseases to maintain the luxurious living standards of doctors. It seems that an adventure is in progress against all those who do not get sick or those who get sick but manage their recovery through diets, herbs, complete rest and through body’s own natural recovery process.

In states declared corrupt due to incompetent corrupt politicians, corruption penetrates deep into every limb of every section of the society, including hospitals, worship places, shrines and clergy, trespassing all codes of all spiritual and humanitarian values.

In this very country Pakistan, during years 1950s, there used to be very few patients and consequently very few private clinics. People used to take very simply diet, worked hard physically and hardly fell ill. They enjoyed happy healthy long lives. Medical practitioners usually used to treat cases of domestic injuries, accidents and extreme cases of cold, cough and fever. Physicians used to give free treatment, sometimes free medicines to the poor. Politicians were least corrupt and the spirit of competition for luxurious lifestyle did not exist to initiate search for unjustified and illegal means. Luxurious lifestyle is mother of all evils and corruptions. It reaches a stage, as at present, where honour related matters are compromised for achieving demands.

Keeping in mind the situation, a few decades back, one is at a loss to justify the superfluous numbers of patients and clinics, even with due consideration to the comparison of population of both the eras. On roads, streets and in the wagons and busses, individuals are generally seen carrying medicines. Doctors and clinics saturated with financial gains continue to be more and more hungry for more and more patients. Race for more and more luxury has erased the sense of humanity and professional responsibility. Doctors and clinics collect heavy charges but do not pay taxes.

Here under is an excerpt from the daily Pakistan Observer of November 18, 2012 which presents all the more grave picture about the professional attitude of highly qualified doctors.

“According to a survey, it was learnt that the professors and doctors are minting thousands per day on their OPDs at their private medical centers and clinics. They charge Rupees 500 to 600 per patient, but they have exempted themselves to pay any government taxes……. Majority of medical center owners are well known professors and doctors and are running business without fulfilling the legalities. In Larkana and other parts, they hired many agents at different government hospital wards and units who misguide the poor patients and their attendants to shift the majority of patients to the privately run medical centers, sources told. In a survey conducted by this scribe, there is large scale daily earnings of professors among about 0.1 million in Larkana”.

If the citizens of Pakistan study and abide by the health care instructions of late Mr. John Lalanne (expired during 2011), millions of patients can eliminate most of the visits to doctors and clinics. Valuable information will help in educating and training of youngsters for maintaining health and fitness. Millions will be guarded against heart, liver and kidney troubles. Millions will rid themselves of over weight problems causing so many diseases. Jack Lalanne carries special message for his countrymen and for all citizens of the world. He will continue to be serving the present and future generations even after his death. His guidelines for taking simplest possible foods are in continuation of spiritual personalities and spiritual experts of the past. So click at ‘Jack Lalanne’ and study the blessed terms for healthy happy long life, save money, save the family members and save the generations.

Desires of luxurious lifestyle have no end at all. Fair means can never satiate unfair chain of desires.

No action of any human being remains without reward or punishment. Luxury and estates oriented corrupts of all species have got to embrace the most judicious verdicts before or after death. Politicians looting, will undergo punishment beyond their imagination. Medical practitioners fleecing the patients by skilful tactics of prolonging treatment, over charging and even aggravating the strains of diseases for more room rents and more fees, will have to answer for every single penny overcharges or strategically gained.


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