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Harry Potter had Drinking Problem

Daniel Radcliffe Well, not exactly, it’s not the Harry Potter The Wizard; it’s the famous actor Daniel Radcliffe, who played the role of Harry Potter (The Wizard) in the famous movies series Harry Potter.

According to resources, 22 year old Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he had drinking problem, which he was trying to resolve. He revealed that, he had drinking problem many years ago, which he have managed to control. Daniel admits that on more than one occasions on work, he was drunk, while he acted his scenes for the incredibly popular film franchise.

Fans of his Harry Potter image will be surprised to hear his confession. He said “I went into work still drunk.” He further explained “I never drank at work.” He said this probably because as an actor, he does not want to give producers and directors the idea that he is a risk for investments. He explained further, “I can point to many scenes where I’m just gone; dead behind the eyes.” Daniel has not revealed about on which film’s set he was wasted, but seems it was more than one film. He admits, “I have a very addictive personality. It was a problem.” His ability to hide his drinking added to his problem.

Perhaps he is trying to prove that he is not really Harry Potter; in other words, it means, he’s not a good guy as the fans may think about him and he want to change his this image a little bit toward an image of a bad boy, which may be good for his future career; something different from his current image of cute and innocent young wizard.

No doubt, fans are going to be searching into their DVDs, looking for the faded Harry Potter. He is a pretty good actor, so it may be tough to identify. Daniel has admitted he had a problem and has since quit drinking altogether.

Since he have assured that this was a tale of past and now he is sober, but it will be true to say that this has affected his image, he got from Harry Potter role. On the other hand, it may be proved good for him, as he might get a chance in action movie or something similar to this, where he can play tougher than Harry Potter.

Too many young celebrities have thrown away their careers by getting involved with alcohol and other hard stuffs. We hope that Daniel will be wise enough to realize this and he will keep himself sober.


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