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Women Rights Protection – Tahafuz-e-Huqooq-e-Niswaan

Women Rights Protection (Tahafuz-e-Huqooq-e-Niswaan) Bill 2016


Pakistani politicians, just when you get bored of their regular insanity, they come with something new and extraordinarily insane. And among politicians, PMLN’s politicians are the most “intellectual” kind. They come up with actions, ideas and statements that no other can compete. They have recruited the dumbest lot of all time, because they serve very well to the master, like zombie slaves. And one of the bests exists in Punjab assembly.

Recent stunt is the new amendment in ‘Tahafuz e Huqooq e Niswaan’ bill (Women Rights Protection) which has been ridiculed by all sectors of the society. Some socially and domestically insecure parliamentarian came up with the idea to make the Women Rights laws a little bit more anti women. This is definitely something infested by anti Pakistan, anti Islam foreign think tanks and the purpose is to find vulnerabilities and loop holes in Pakistan society and exploit these to destruct the culture and family system.

According to this new addition in the “law”, if a husband beats or abuses his wife in any way, and the wife reports it to the authorities, the husband will be charged with a crime, and the punishment is exile, banished from his home, he’ll not be allowed to enter his home or contact his wife for two days or whatever time is decided. Plus he will be ordered to wear a tracking anklet on his leg so his movement can be monitored from a control room through GPS tracking. A red zone area will be marked for him which he’ll not be allowed to enter. If he enters, he will be charged with further crime and the punishments will be decided later. This law sets punishment of up to one year in jail, which can be extended to two years upon receiving complaints repeatedly.

Within first week of its announcement, police registered a case against a man, on complaint of his wife, in Lahore, and hence now it’s implemented.

This is something which any normal person can tag as fake or unreal. How can you expect it to be a positive or constructive? This will in fact increase violence and agitation, stir up the anger more, making the situation more negative.

If an incidence of domestic violence is reported, how the police will decide who the victim is, which participant first started the violence? What if the wife beats or abuses her husband, can he report it to police, if not, what about husbands’ rights. Is it mean that now wives are legally allowed to beat their husbands, but as soon as the husband reacts, he’ll be charged with a crime and will be banished from his home and on a watch list, just like serious criminals, terrorist, rapists, murderers, etc. This law ensures in all situations, husband is the responsible.

In disguise of pretending to secure the rights of the women, they are planning to tear apart our strong family system, by putting more clauses and conditions between husbands and wives instead of understanding, tolerance and forgiveness; there will be no affection, sense of care and responsibility anymore. In such practice, marriages will become a mere mutual beneficial deal where both party’s interest will be limited to financial and sexual benefits only. Nothing more… Are we going toward an open relationship society, a living relationship society, no strings attached, because the more difficult it will become to maintain a marriage, the more people will avoid getting married and the society will also become like Western society where divorce rates are high, living relationship is a common phenomenon, people avoid getting married due to unnecessary legal complications.

So called women rights activists have made women so degraded that being a women is now a symbol of being pathetic, helpless and vulnerable… By the why what is Women Protection Rights actually… are we talking about rights of a living being which belong to Human Race specie or some other specie living on this planet, because listening the phrase Women Rights sound like some sort of inferior being’s right, something considered less important, like Animal Rights, Panda Rights, Crocodile Rights, Dog Rights, Reptile Rights, Marine Life Rights, just put the term Women Rights in it and it will also sound similar to all these. These scumbags have separated the women’s rights from Human Rights and have downgraded it to a separate term known as Women Rights, now it doesn’t matter how hard and how they try to make it sound nice, the term Women Rights will never become Human Right again unless its declared void and merged back to the regular original term, the Human Rights.

Man and woman are not superior or inferior to each other, they are same. Their roles in the society are different. Men can’t do women’s jobs and women can’t do men’s job. A man cannot conceive a child without the help of woman, so does the woman can’t bear a child in her belly without the help of a man. This is the law of nature. The male body is made to work hard, do tough tasks, can lift heavy weight, able to resist hunger, starvation, thirst much longer compare to female body. Similarly, female body is in sense delicate, but strong enough to bear a life in it, females have stronger immune system, more resistance toward disease, bacterial infections, more feelings, more patience and the ability of adaptability. Both kinds of mankind need each other to stay alive and flourish. There is no competition. Don’t confuse equality with uniformity.

The problem with our pseudo intellectuals is that they have acquired education of information not knowledge. Education of information without formation, without knowledge, without guidance is destruction & lethal. Real knowledge makes human beings humble, logical, evaluator and rational. Whereas, these people are star struck by the greatness of knowledge and have become delusional, they are behaving insane and stupid, shouting, screaming, stuttering Women Rights and many more Rubbish Rights.

A nation where majority of people are uneducated, illiterate with no knowledge of responsibilities and no training of social etiquette, such laws are disaster. We need to educate our people first and teach them the, purpose, need, pro & cons of married life, responsibilities of a wife toward her husband and responsibilities of a husband toward his wife. The goal should be to educate the people and there will be no need to enforce laws.

Formation of a nation is not a child’s play. It is not a one day job, it needs time and dedications and most importantly capability to arrange all this. Unfortunately our “leaders” do not have these qualities. The people need to make their own efforts at their own level, starting from their homes. When the mother will train his son how to treat women, he will become a good husband and will treat wife with respect and care as she deserve. Similarly when a girl is brought up in an atmosphere of real formation and purpose, after marriage she will create a house with sensibility, with high moral values.

All the laws we need are already defined by our religion Islam, and remember these laws are not taught as laws, these are taught as principles, and most importantly these laws are assured, not enforced, because assurance create positivity, and enforcement create rebellion response and anarchy.

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