Sunday, October 24, 2021

Experience Speaks

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that there was something inside them superior to circumstances.

Praying is not substitute for work; it is desperate effort to work further and to be efficient beyond the range of ones powers. It is not the lazy who are most inclined to pray; those pray most who care most and who, having worked hard, fined it intolerable to be defeated.

Prayer changes things? No. Prayer changes people and people change things.

Never rely on a single purpose in life. If the single purpose collapses, would you commit suicide? Or if the single purpose is gained, would you like to spend rest of your life in idleness till death? There should be many purposes to achieve in life and keep struggling for one after the other, keeping yourself busy to meet the last moment smilingly.
–– Renowned Russian Dancer and Thinker

Feeling of disappointment is death for self determination. And life is worthless without determination. Courage is stronger than fate. It is wise not to mention self problems and worries to others.
–– A Russian lady patient on hospital bed

Every night I go to bed with a sense of guilt that I have not been able to help anybody in a perfect way.
–– A Russian lady patient on hospital bed

Rearing of son must be of rigorous nature. In case parents are affluent, they must manage difficulties for the son to pave his way through these. To form his personality passing through hardships of life should be integral part of his education.
–– Unknown

Don’t leave rearing of son simply to ladies. For manly feelings and sentiments he needs rearing by males.
–– Unknown

Son must not be reared in atmosphere of excessive obedience and discipline. Let his rash and abstinent temperament develop to a certain extent. It is important that he must be hard working, strong and self reliant.
–– Unknown

People emerging from serious hardships in life make it an attitude that their children should not suffer from similar circumstances. With this attitude they deprive their children of the power of struggle and power of self reliance. Here is an incidence to mention:-

A tender hearted child used to care for the butterflies. He used to get worried in process of butter babies’ difficulty in coming out of the cocoon. Once he managed to break a cocoon with his nails to let the baby butterfly easily come out of it. That butterfly could never fly.

Occasional state of disappointment, children quarrelling with parents, differences between husband and wife, are absolutely normal events. In life nobody is perfect and nobody has been eternally blessed. Whosoever is all time happy, is definitely mad. Facing facts of life, good health means both to be sad and to be unhappy with or without reason.

Freedom is never presented as gift. You can be called free even under a dictator if you are active against him. Whosoever follows thinking of his own mind is free. On the other hand if you prove to be worthless in an absolutely free country, you are not free in that. Freedom corresponds to your struggle for your targets. Begging freedom is of no value.

The failure to cultivate the power of peaceful concentration is the greatest cause of mental breakdown.

An ordinary man disciplined to concentrate efforts, is capable of doing wonders.
–– Unknown

Happiness in life is attached to selection of suitable life partner. For this self suitability is evenly important.

After marriage, all difficulties are simply incidents and no incident is an accident.

Children feel great relief when parents say perfect no to a suggestion asked for by them. They feel that strong supports safe guard them.

Criticism is something you can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing.
–– Unknown

Others’ adverse opinion is smaller worry as compared to your own self opinion. What you think about yourself is your fate.

You behave not for the reason that you are dealing with a gentleman. It should be for the reason that you yourself are gentleman.
–- Unknown


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