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Thoughtful Citizens of Bharat Mata

During travels and stay abroad, I had a chance of exchanging views with citizen of Bharat. Majority of them pleaded for “Akhand Bharat”, to which no patriotic Pakistani will ever agree; but many of the arguments stated by them, give shocking food for thought for Pakistanis. It will, therefore, certainly be very wrong on my part not to list these arguments for deep analysis by concerned Pakistanis:-

1- Part of Bhartia territory separated on justifications of Islamic values of Muslims, should be surrendered back to Bharat because Islamic values have not been introduced constitutionally and practically accept for lip homage to Islam and Two National Theory, during more than half century period.

2- Muslims in India, having population of total Muslim population of Pakistan, enjoy complete religious freedom. If ever they suffered for being Muslims, it was mere reaction of dividing the territory of Bharat.

3- What to talk of introducing Islamic constitution, every section of information and broadcast do not pay even lip homage to Islamic values. TV and printed materials in Pakistan do not differ much from those in India. So many TV channels in India are far more conservative as compared to Pakistani theaters and dress fashions, which have absolutely no relation to Muslims values and various territorial culture of Pakistan. In India we do care for the customs and values of various cultures. As an example, we care for values of Kashmiri and Rajasthani cultures and give similar care for other cultures of remote areas.

4- Bharti political leaders are always in local Indian dress, whereas Pakistani political persons never stick to their local wear. They are always changing their appearance in the matter of dressing. They appear to feel respectful in western dress.

5- At official level, Bhartia leaders have never supported sex displays and nudeness. Whereas Pakistani top leadership have supported, managed and encouraged Marathon Race, Valentine Day, Fashion Shows and Theaters.

6- Highest ranking political and defence persons have been punished by the Indian courts. A PM of India has also been punished amongst them. There is not even a single example of punishment through courts to status figures during the period of an elected government. In matters of lime light personalities, the elected governments have never seriously approached the courts of justice.

7- Bharat affords due respect and regards to territorial cultures and values, whereas in Pakistan these are practically termed as derogatory.

8- Bhartia governments afford financial help to Muslims pilgrimages for Hajj, whereas in Pakistan Hajj corruption is under investigation.


9- In India 11,000 trains reach destinations during every 24 hours period, whereas Pakistan railway is near extinction.

10- Inspite of natural disasters and terrorism Bharat moves ahead in developments in all spheres of life in the state.


11- India has been developing water resources as top priority, whereas in Pakistan dams are under political disputes.

12- There has never been martial law in Bharat.

13- Bhartia education system is far more sound as compare to Pakistan.

Written By: Geodetic Engr. M. Ashraf


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