Wednesday, March 03, 2021

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Allegations Exchange 2014

Leaders of the Sit In and representatives of the government are seriously blaming each other. There are charges of rigging of polls and widespread corruptions among members of the government. The government side rejects allegations and blames the Sit In side for their abusive language. Most recently the government side has been polite enough to […]

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Masses Excessively Ready to Believe Things

Masses Excessively Ready to Believe Things

When the people are excessively ready to believe in things without any ground work whatsoever, why then the unreliable persons with no practical background not be fooling them. We all have heard the story of Pied Piper who gathered the children with his mesmerizing and enchanting music and lured them to come with him to […]

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Rise of a New Political Party

Rise of a New Political Party

Tehreek-e-Insaaf is said to be the third most popular party in Pakistan, according to public opinion and all media polling. Though it is also said that during the Election of 2013 it may not be able to establish a government on its own, yet it will make a significant place in the political structure of […]

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