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Violating Limits

over meditationAll divine and constitutional clauses accompany the defined limits for obedience. Adding factors of liking and disliking to any of these clauses interprets violation of constitution. Here are a few examples:-

1- Devising wishful and favourable meanings from the instructions and clauses of constitution. Bestowing superfluous remarks and praises for any personality.
2- Worship of a person or many persons like the worship of Almighty.
3- Getting absorbed in religious or worldly affairs to the extent of neglecting the family, resulting in carelessness of rearing of children and worsening of family affairs.
4- Over donation of financial resources for welfare of the poor leaving one in need of financial aid.
5- To get over absorbed in religious meditation, ruining one’s own mental and physical health.

Trespassing the codes of acknowledged faith, presumably in favour of the faith, indicates one type of mental disorder. One of such mental disorders, especially quoted among peoples of South Asian terminology is “Ishq” (Superfluous love and favour beyond limits for anybody including God).

Research scholars of all schools of thought never use this terminology in their lectures and writings. In South Asia this term has been profusely quoted in poetry, novels and sex affairs. As for the meaning of the word “Ishq” i.e. attachments or regards beyond limits, its use in relation to God and any of his messengers carries little justification. It exclusively involves a play of sentimental ecstasy, paralyzing the powers of result oriental physical and mental capabilities.

In relation to opposite sex, Ishq-affected person crosses all limits of right, wrong, legal and illegal. In matter of relationship to anybody, the affected person starts acts of worship which are only due to God Almighty. In relation to acquisition of wealth and riches the suffering person grabs these out of all unfair means.

It is a catastrophe that so many religious leaders and so called scholars and philosophers openly and stressfully pursue the people for sincerely courting this ailment as a token of sincerity and pride. They are absolutely unaware of the effects of their inducement. The disease of involvement of Ishq gives rise to hatred for others. The resultant specie of hatred mercilessly divides human beings and brings them in confrontation against each other. Almighty teaches mutual regards and respect. He disapproves those who invent devices of hate.

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