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Rationalism and Fanaticism

mind Almighty’s instructions for mankind, through His Prophets, always accompany the pertinent limits. Trespassing Almighty’s prescribed limits in abiding by these instructions, for gaining ecstasy of sentiments, is called “Ishq” (In south Asian language), i.e. fanaticism. Verily fanaticism embowers no respect for Almighty’s instructions. Also fanaticism is not a state of healthy mind. A few examples of disregard to the prescribed limits are listed hereunder:-

  1. Self carved superfluous praise for God and Prophets that become derogatory to their status.
  2. To respect a human being or a grave of a human being or anything in the universe created by God, to the extent of worship.
  3. To be too busy in worldly affairs or praying to take care of the family members, as a result of which they are sure to be character less.
  4. To afford financial help to poor to the extent of becoming penniless.
  5. Excessive praying endangering physical or mental health.

Crossing the limits of Almighty’s instructions causes suffering from the disease of “Ishq”, the very meaning of which is attachment beyond limits.

Responsible scholars have never used word “Ishq” in their speeches of writings. Only poets and novelists have profusely used this term especially in matters of sex relationships. Use of this term in relation to God or any of his Prophets will, therefore, certainly be liable to punishment by God. Every sane believer will obey God within limits specified by God.

Scholars have condemned “Ishq” (fanaticism) as highly injurious to positive powers of productive and creative capabilities.

“Ishq” for sex crosses all limits inflicting disgrace on sacred relationships and legal obligations. Ishq for a personality starts worships of that personality. Ishq for wealth never cares for legal or rightful.

All persons of sane state of mind have the right to reserve their opinion against the so called scholars who have encouraged for courting the disease of Ishq for any aspect of human life and behavior, including the religious affairs, in the past of at present.

A short while before starting journey for Badr, speeches of friends of Holly Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), clearly differentiate Rationalism from Fanaticism. Doubtlessly that was human beings first assembly free from all elements of flattery, self esteem and partiality, without crossing limits.

By: Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf


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