Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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Family Laws

Pakistani Family Laws Need Amendments

Pakistan is one of those countries of the world where centuries’ old family value are considered sacred and precision hence cherished with pride, but unfortunately this structure is crumbling. The global influences are seeping in and a structure of multi color and multi texture is forming. People have new priorities in life and their living […]

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Violating Limits

Violating Limits

All divine and constitutional clauses accompany the defined limits for obedience. Adding factors of liking and disliking to any of these clauses interprets violation of constitution. Here are a few examples:- 1- Devising wishful and favourable meanings from the instructions and clauses of constitution. Bestowing superfluous remarks and praises for any personality. 2- Worship of […]

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Stubborn Sincerity to Ex-Colonial Rulers

Stubborn Sincerity to Ex-Colonial Rulers

In modern world, apparently, custom of unpaid forced labor does not exist, as the Kings / Rajas / Nawabs are extinct. It is extremely surprising that activities of an eternally surviving king persistently go unnoticed. This king possessing everlasting survival is Dominated Mentality. Mission of The King is eliminating local culture and lifestyles and propagating […]

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