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Holy BooksNo faith and no divine book of any faith plead or instructs for hatred against other religions or believers. Believers possessing sensations of hatred against other faiths, infact, negate the teachings of their own beliefs. Creation of human being accompanies authorities of choosing faith. Almighty has further authorized every human being to choose good and bad deeds for action in life. Good deeds are praiseworthy and beneficial and heinous deeds are hate worthy and punishable. Every religion with a divine book is worthy of respect whether or not anybody adopts it. Believers of every religion use their God bestowed authority in respect of their chosen faith. They have not done anything wrong against any other human being. They have not usurped anybody’s rights in doing so. At the same time believer of a particular faith has no right to dislike faith of other believers. Believer of a faith has birth right to change his religion. Every individual is finally answerable to the Creator on the Day of Judgement. Matter of religious and varied ways of worship have no justification to be the cause of criticism and confrontation in human society.

So ladies and gentlemen! Waste not your sensation of hatred against various religions and ways of worship, but do reserve it for the long list of in corrigible individuals and groups of human beings who precisely deserve it with added quantum of curse. Due to their multi shaped ever changing guise and ever new strategies, these incorrigible human beings can not be easily shortlisted but a few of them are being mentioned here under:-

1- States’ politicians busy in engineering out ever new pretexts for grabbing and usurping resources of other peaceful states’ citizens.
2- Individuals joining politics for illegally gaining riches through misappropriation of public funds.
3- Incapable politicians readily accepting positions in government merely for protocol and false respect.
4- Groups of politicians sensitive for the vote bank for grabbing ruling powers by hook or crook. These groups are ever ready to surrender anything for pleasing their voters against the interests of state and the citizens. They are responsible for multi directional misappropriations, illegitimate supports and illegal favours including theft of electricity / gas supplies, extortion and bribery from top down to bottom. They create a chaos that can not be cured for decades together.
5- Groups of politicians obstructing entry of ladies and gentlemen into the political process in pursuance of their self devised motto about the states’ governance i.e. ‘Only for us’.
6- Individuals suppressing the needy and the weak, making use of their helplessness simply to display their false superiority and supremacy. Senior employees misbehaving with subordinates. Cruels, usurpers, criminals, trespassers, liars, etc.
7- Those responsible for misconduct against the religious / sectarian minorities. Dacoits in garb of gentlemen.
8- Religious leaders constantly insulting other faiths.
9- Vagabonds in the garb of saints.
10- Individuals choosing extortion for survival.
11- Individuals treacherously misguiding innocent people.
12- Dishonest persons violating commitments.
13- Professionals abusing pertinent professional responsibilities.
14- Employees demanding bribe through misuse of their official position.
15- Individuals stealing valuables and personal secrets of others. __ and so on…

It is established that choice of faith and belief is a matter of birth right for everybody. No faithful believer dislikes or hates followers of other religions. Every sect of one single faith must remain within its bounds, maintaining harmony for social tranquillity. All disintegration processes of states and dynasties / families based on hatred are doubtlessly doomed to chaos and extinction. Sections disintegration on the basis of hatred for the mother section can never survive in peace and tranquillity. Its basic poison of hatred starts affecting every limb of its entire structure and ultimately the phenomenon of shattering and disintegration over powers the whole composition. Getting separated for soul reason of hate and disliking makes steady progress towards total extinction. No power on earth can obstruct this process. No philosophy or theory has yet been established to stop this invisible erosion spreading inside the interior.

Dismemberment of a section, minor or major, on the basis of continued economic and financial disparity, does have chances of sustainment. Such disintegrations are generally the result of approval to reasoning and convincing. Post disintegration relations amongst the separated sections remain cooperative and cordial. No disturbances erupt before or after the separation. Progress, development and mutual cooperation commands the entire atmosphere. Relations keep improving and mutual assistance and support bless all parts equally.

Religion based hate has devoured millions of innocent lives indiscriminately in civil, aggressive and defensive conflicts. Still there is no check to such religious leaders who continue inducement of hatred against believers of different faiths, whereas not even a single faith or a single divine book instructs that way. Accommodation and regards for other ideologies can develop harmony. Hatred begets hatred and there is no end to the process.

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