Friday, February 23, 2024

Meaningful Precision

Every section of Pakistani media has obediently got busy in outright support of some power in subsiding crime of hatred against Muslims’ Holy Prophet (PBUH). This dominated and captured media has been fully utilized in drawing every citizen’s attention to Malala’s case, totally neglecting the cause of honour of the Prophet (PBUH), daily murders in Karachi and deaths of innocent children, men & women in terrorism and drone attacks. It looks some power has achieved its motive. What is meant by sequence of priorities? Nobody talks of arresting and punishing the culprits who commissioned an underage child for facing sure confrontation with bullets.

‘Taliban are getting weak’. It is an oft repeated statement wasting the space of newspapers columns. Taliban continue to reply in active operations. Solution through dialogue is the only alternate.

‘People turning against Taliban: US’ (News of October 14, 2012). Taliban have never aimed at winning the hearts of the people. For every such statement they reply in the form of an operation taking lives and property. Solution through negotiations is the only alternate.



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