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Statement of Prime Minister of Pakistan

gilani Statement of Prime Minister of Pakistan – All Electronic Media, December 30, 2011

“Hum nai saray masael hal nahin keye, kamm to keye hain”

The statement is full of truth in the light of following:

1- Availability of Electricity and Gas for all sections of activity – domestic and industrial.

2- Railway trains.

3- Regularity of PIA flights.

4- Devotion to appropriation of Public funds.

5- Concentration on plans for future generations.

6- Progress of education system as a whole.

7- Compliance to decisions of State’s Supreme Court.

8- Solidarity of National Economy.

9- Care for price control.

10- Concentration of Kashmir Cause.

11- Respect for thousands of years of positive cultural values of the State’s regions.

12- Respect for routine cultural values of the citizens by floating abnormal dingy hair and nude arms and shoulders on all local channels.

13- Respect for Islamic values by showing nude sex activities belonging to free sex society.

And so on.

That is what is called sowing thorns and expecting mangoes.


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